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“With Cornerstone Growth Edition, I am able to drill down and see where people fit and what their potential is.”

Why Cornerstone

Nykkie Gibson, director of learning and talent development at AccorHotels, and her team were well aware that their existing performance management process wasn't ideal, yet they hadn't found an acceptable solution. "Most solutions were too complex for our needs. It wasn't until I came across Cornerstone that we actually thought 'Wow, maybe we can do something about this.”

The team had discovered Cornerstone via word of mouth from another organisation. "What we really liked about it is that it met our needs without introducing a whole other level of complexity."

Accor implemented Cornerstone Growth Edition and took advantage of the transition time to upgrade their entire performance management process. "It wasn't just a case of moving from paper to online. As Cornerstone Growth Edition is so configurable, we were able to add a new competency framework, potential assessment and rating scale," said Gibson. "Cornerstone mirrors the realities of our business. I haven't come across any other solutions that flexible."


The Results

Achieved 96 percent review completion. Before implementing Cornerstone, AccorHotels review completion rate was around 80 percent. According to Gibson, "With Cornerstone Growth Edition, our completion rate is at 96 percent. To have something everybody loves, and nobody complains about, is pretty remarkable."

Eliminated a costly, paper-intensive performance management process. With Cornerstone Growth Edition, AccorHotels has eliminated the need for paper reviews, and Gibson no longer has to spend time entering review data into spreadsheets. "The feedback I'm still getting is that it's easy-to-use, and it takes a lot less time. Managers love being able to capture employee information all in one place."

Increased employee satisfaction with performance reviews. A recent survey conducted by AccorHotels showed that 98 percent of users prefer Cornerstone Growth Edition over the old review process. "With Cornerstone, there's so much excitement. The feedback I'm still getting is that the system is very visual and intuitive," said Gibson. "Everybody feels more positive about reviews. In our survey, 81 percent also said Cornerstone helped them have better quality conversations around performance."

More easily identified high-potential employees. AccorHotels' previous manual review process didn't allow Gibson and her team access to the big picture view of their talent, which was highly detrimental to the organisation's ability to plan for succession. "With our previous system, it was so difficult to consolidate performance data in one place. Plus, we weren't measuring potential," said Gibson. "With Cornerstone Growth Edition's nine-box grid, I can see the entire organisation. I am able to drill down and see where people fit and what their potential is. It allows us to see whom we should be talking to when opportunities come up and where common gaps are."




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