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HCM has evolved. Manage your entire employee lifecycle on one unified cloud platform.

Cornerstone Recruiting

Many recruiters are challenged with using legacy recruiting systems―or layering in point solutions―to conduct modern recruiting. Cornerstone Recruiting eases the recruitment process so that you can find the right talent quickly. Our solution helps you with modern social recruiting tools, configurable career sites and a great candidate experience. It's time to see your entire talent picture with Cornerstone.

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Cornerstone Learning

It's time to move beyond the traditional learning management system (LMS) and reinvent the way development initiatives impact employees. With Cornerstone Learning, organisations can go beyond ensuring compliance to creating a culture of self-guided, continuous learning with modern and tailored training that accelerates employee performance and supports organisational goals.

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Cornerstone Performance

Rethink how managers inspire great work, motivate employees and deliver results. With Cornerstone Performance, you have the performance management technology that enables managers to better understand your people through goal and competency management, development planning and reviews. Align employee activities with organisational strategy, while providing continuous, meaningful feedback.

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Cornerstone HR

Welcome to a new era of HR administration. Cornerstone HR helps leaders make better business decisions with real-time data and deep insights, while enabling organisations to centralise employee data, improve agility and meet the needs of their people with self-service tools and a great user experience.

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