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Talking to Millennials: Five Secrets to Mastering the Art of the One on One Meeting

Talent Management

Talking to Millennials: Five Secrets to Mastering the Art of the One on One Meeting

April 18, 2016 Mike Erlin

Modern HR is all about good communication. It's hard to take advantage of a talented workforce when you can't lead them effectively, and as the working population evolves, so too must the management methods you employ. Here are some of the ways HR software tools like Cornerstone might help.

Targeting Your Talent Management Practices                                                                                                     

Millennials comprise a growing segment of the workforce that you can't afford to ignore. One-on-one meetings still have their place, but these employees also expect something more. Take a proactive approach to talent management that lets you speak their language.

How do millennials differ from other worker populations? According to experts, they love tech more than any other generation, yet they're also accustomed to receiving relevant feedback directly. In short, you should focus on creating a meeting regimen that provides structure even as you supplement your personal interactions with performance tools that keep your organisation connected.

Understanding Constructive, Personalised Employee Management

The chief thing to keep in mind while going into one-on-one meetings with millennials is that oversight isn't the only goal. While it's important to check in on people's progress on a daily basis, you should ideally be taking these opportunities to foster better relationships with your staff.

A meeting is the ideal time to talk about high-level subjects, like career goals and professional skills development. These topics may seem difficult to broach, but remember the following:

1. Don't Dominate the Discussion

Dialogues should go both ways, and if you take the reins the whole time, you'll essentially create an echo chamber that doesn't benefit anyone. Letting your employees oversee meetings makes them more comfortable voicing concerns and helps them gain vital administrative skills.

2. Ask Questions That Foster Communication

Open-ended inquiries invite people to volunteer information. Asking what you can do to address someone's concerns or how they see projects going, for instance, may give you insights into deficiencies you weren't aware of as well as potential solutions. With millennial workers being known for their problem-solving acumen, such feedback is too valuable of a resource to miss out on.

3. Come Armed With Data

Abstract points don't really get you anywhere, so support your train of thought. Refer back to performance-tracking data to associate discussion topics with specific workplace events and show you're aware of progress. Good software also makes it easier to discuss the results of 360 degree feedback in a non-threatening, private environment.

4. Make a Discussion Contingency Plan

You may be meeting with a flawless top performer, but that doesn't mean you can get by without something to talk about. You may not have any complaints, but you'll give your meetings more meaning if you do more than simply pat someone on the back and send them back to their desk.

For instance, sharing the problems you're facing growing a small business or completing a special project motivates employees to get more involved and help. Prepare some topics that might help your workers assume greater roles, or kick things off by using Cornerstone's social feedback tools to identify pressing matters.

5. Take a Break From the Office

Clearing your head makes it easier to discuss matters objectively, and even hard-working millennials appreciate a break. Some of the most productive review meetings are held outside, at coffee shops or during walks. The fact that cloud-capable Cornerstone performance management software can be accessed via smartphones and tablets means there's little reason not to bring the office along with you as you talk shop in more comfortable settings.

Growing a small business is simpler with the right performance management software. To learn more about why so many expanding companies are relying on Cornerstone tools, check out the benefits online, request a demo or try a seven-day free trial. You can also get more insights on using HR software for employee management by signing up for our awesome blog.


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