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HR Analytics for Growing Companies

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HR Analytics for Growing Companies

July 25, 2016 Olivier Pestel

Big data defines the twenty-first century HR department. HCM, or human capital management, has conventionally relied on small bites of information filtered through a human lens, but big data is capable of processing billions of pieces of information in real-time. Cornerstone provides the tools needed for HR departments to analyse employee performance, set company-wide strategic goals, and make daily tweaks on an employee-level to ensure that goals are met.

Real-Time HR Reports for Reliable Insights

Never be uncertain about workforce decisions again. Understand exactly how employees are performing and how teams are collaborating. Obtain real-time reports about your organisation so managers can make fact based decisions about compensation, succession and many other aspects of your company’s HR.

As a complete HR analytics platform, Cornerstone is also capable of scheduling:

  • Employee training
  • Meaningful predictive and prescriptive data reports
  • Project deadlines
  • Stronger employee performance analysis

Fast and accurate reporting is critical to ensuring that all employees are up-to-date with compliance milestones, and when a team starts to fall behind on a particular project, Cornerstone displays which project members are on schedule. With big data, Cornerstone is even capable of analysing external factors such as traffic and weather events to ensure that manufacturing and shipping occurs at an optimal time.

Helping Employees Excel

HCM is all about developing a culture in which employees can reach their full potential while maximising their job satisfaction. Cornerstone comes with powerful attrition risk analysis tools to identify those employees who are most likely to run into any HR issue from failing to attend training to applying for a position at a different company. When employees leave, they take with them years of knowledge and experience, and they set projects back by weeks or months as other employees are transferred or hired to replace them.

However, the risk itself is just one piece of the puzzle. Employers need to also be concerned with the reasons why employees are at risk in the first place. Whether it's because they're swamped with a disproportionate workload compared to their colleagues or because they feel like they have no intra-company mobility, Cornerstone provides the pertinent HR metrics in easily digestible dashboards for employers to make real time adjustments to their business culture.

Real-Time Employee Performance Analysis

Growing companies in particular will benefit from Cornerstone's unique ability to adapt to any situation. Because growing companies are by definition adding employees, increasing the size of their facilities, or otherwise expanding their operations, their HR departments need to be able to keep up with their growth. Going from 50 employees to 500 or from 5,000 to 10,000 presents fundamental hurdles, and Cornerstone helps HR departments constantly process all of that information. There's no need for an employee to spend a week preparing a report when a talent management solution can do it with the click of a button. Companies can finally ditch the annual performance review in favour of smaller weekly or monthly check-ins to ensure that all employees are working at full capacity.

Looking into the Future with HR Predictive Analytics

The most important investment any company will make is in its workforce. With Cornerstone, an HR department can analyse a company's current talent data and choose which candidates will better complement the existing workforce and improve a company's diversity and inclusion. Growing companies are constantly adding talent, and because current job applicants will be around for years to come, every company's future success relies on choosing the right talent today.

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About Olivier Pestel

A French native, Olivier made Australia home 8 years ago settling in Sydney. For the last 15 years, Olivier has worked with a large number of HR & Talent Executives throughout Asia Pacific... more


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