How HR Technology Enhances Learning Experiences
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How HR Technology Enhances Learning Experiences


How HR Technology Enhances Learning Experiences

March 07, 2017 Olivier Pestel

Contemporary business across the globe is facing a new challenge.

How can technology be harnessed to give workforces the resources they need to become – and remain – both agile and adaptable?

In a rapidly changing business environment, how can employees engage with learning which enables them to experience new situations and roles rather than just take in facts? If you are still struggling with old-school presentations in classrooms filled with chairs, help is at hand.

Powerful, user-friendly software now exists to ensure your workers can share, collaborate and simulate a wealth of learning experiences wherever they happen to be in the world.

The 70:20:10 model explained

HR departments have long known about the importance of tapping into experiential learning. This largely rests on the widely accepted 70:20:10 model, which defines workplace learning as:

  • 70% based on informal, on-the-job, experiences.
  • 20% based on coaching, mentoring and social development.
  • 10% based on traditional, structured learning.

A Deakin University White Paper on the 70:20:10 learning model, which is thought to have originated in the United States during the 1980s, explores how Australian business is using the standard to develop their learning programs.

Despite structured learning showing up as the least important learning model, some companies are still finding it difficult to move beyond it.

Resistance from managers and lack of understanding about how to measure ROI are holding these companies back, the 2013 study revealed.

How do I build on the 70:20:10 model?

So, understanding the 70:20:10 guide is just the start of it.

The real challenge lies in using this information to tap into the explosive potential of the 70% who readily absorb workplace experiences.

Imagine if you could channel resources to 70% of your existing employees, helping them learn, develop and advance in new, personalised ways?

The solution lies in HR technology designed to expand the user’s experiences via the internet.

It’s about reinventing the way we learn beyond the restrictions of classrooms, projectors and old-fashioned videos – and accurately measuring the results.

Along came Tin Can

One of the most revolutionary learning tools to pop up in recent years is Tin Can, otherwise known as Experience API.

Recognising that people learn best by interacting with other people and easily accessing a variety of different contents and data, the Tin Can application provides an online platform pulling together:

  • Collaborative learning
  • Experiential learning
  • Social learning
  • Virtual worlds and simulations
  • Smart learning games
  • Opportunities for offline learning.

Workers are encouraged to take part in a far bigger learning economy than was possible with traditional forms of training, and learning can happen anywhere, anytime.

The benefits of HR technology for your organisation

Tin Can is just one of the HR software tools now available to enhance and expand learning opportunities for your employees by:

  • Capturing the knowledge of retiring employees via video banks.
  • Developing high impact learning plans to nurture innovation, increase technology take-up and boost productivity.
  • Allowing managers to simultaneously manage and integrate a range of cohort programs.
  • Reducing training costs by giving thousands of workers access to interactive learning materials 24/7.
  • Encouraging broad discussion through collaborative learning tools.
  • Motivating employees to find solutions to problems.
  • Increasing problem-solving, productivity and worker morale.

Measuring ROI

Haul your CRM and LMS out of their silos, using big data to identify the cause-effect relationship between learning programs and business success.

Measure the performance of employees using learning programs against those who are not, and judge the effectiveness of your training.

Personalise, track and measure the experiences of your employees, and watch your workforce bloom.

About Olivier Pestel

A French native, Olivier made Australia home 8 years ago settling in Sydney. For the last 15 years, Olivier has worked with a large number of HR & Talent Executives throughout Asia Pacific... more


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