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Does Talent Management Software Raise Nonprofit Efficiency?

Talent Management

Does Talent Management Software Raise Nonprofit Efficiency?

May 13, 2016 Mike Erlin

Not-for-profit organisations fulfil vital roles in modern society, and the number of not-for-profit organisations are growing in number. Since the year 2000 there have been 10,450 charities established in Australia. From promoting social welfare to speaking out on behalf of those without voices of their own, these entities raise awareness, facilitate essential funding and deliver resources that improve countless lives.

Of course, these charitable acts don't just accomplish themselves. They require organised workforces, dedicated staff and extensive managerial support. Effective nonprofit leadership and training is essential to bringing all these components together. Start your non-profit off on the right foot by pairing recruiting and onboarding software to acquire experienced talent and establish unified training standards.

Why Efficiency Drives Nonprofit Success

According to Australia’s Centre for Social Impact not-for-profit organizations spend 51% of budgets on labour, so obviously workforce management is vital to nonprofit survival. Many noble organisations are tasked with accomplishing massive undertakings using restricted fiscal and material resources, and during these challenging times non-profits struggle to accommodate their workforce’s needs. Give your HR departments the tools they need to easily keep track of their workforce performance, training and succession needs so your company does not see higher rates of turnover.

The Mellon Financial Corporation reveals that up to 2.5 percent of a nonprofit's revenue is sacrificed to training new staff. The endless nature of unique nonprofit work means these lost funds directly hinder how well organisations can serve their beneficiaries and patrons. Understand how every dollar is spent by tracking performance and learning assignments with LMS for not-for-profits.

Practicable HR Policies                                                       

So how do organisations attain optimal productivity? Independent sources suggest that onboarding software for non-profits can make the difference. According to an assessment published by Gallup, organisations that scored in the top quartile for onboarding and staff engagement were about 21 percent more productive than those that ended up in the lowest quartile. Onboarding software for nonprofits also reduces the chances of employees burning out at their job.

The Aberdeen Group found that 91 percent of Best-in-Class organisations used skill assessments during the recruitment process so they could ensure the talent being hired met specific skill requirements. Cornerstone recruiting software and similar tools can dramatically improve an organisation's ability to track applicants, and this makes it easier to identify stand-out talent.

Why Use Onboarding Software for Not-For-Profit?                                    

There are many different approaches to sustaining employee engagement. The following ten software-ready suggestions may make it easier to build an effective not-for-profit workforce:

  • Minimise time spent on HR related paperwork.
  • Widen recruiting footprint via social networks.
  • Implement onboarding standards that reduce acclimation time.
  • Institute uniform training online.
  • Measure employee performance for succession documentation and learning efforts.
  • Plan workforce structure for inevitable workforce advancements.
  • Motivate staff and volunteers to set and complete objectives with goals tracking software.
  • Increase donor appeal by heightening transparency.
  • Build better relationships between in-house collaborators by providing collaborative work tools.

Few tools support all of these objectives out of the box. Those that do, however, demonstrate how building workforce engagement benefits revenue and service capacity alike.

Not-for-Profit Software Success Stories

Software-based human resource management for non-profits isn't some theoretical strategy with unverified benefits. Numerous organisations take advantage of software like Cornerstone on a daily basis.

The global charity called Teaching for America is a great example of how using a learning management systems for non-profits can bring the seemingly impossible within reach. Cornerstone provides over 10,000 of TFA's teachers with essential content to ensure an effective learning environment across the country. TFA also utilises recruitment and onboarding software to make sure that the hundreds of locations that they operate in feature the same high quality services.  

The arrangement is clearly effective. According to one TFA leader, "With Cornerstone, we're able to offer a suite of training and development for skill and knowledge building across a breadth of professional streams of work, including staff as well as our teachers. The online format enables people to engage in the learning process on an individualised schedule at their own pace and doesn’t require travel or convening. Our teachers and staff can configure their learning and development to take more effective and more meaningful actions in their work.”

By building workforces that stay on track and relate better to those they serve, performance tracking software for nonprofits helps global organisations do more to make the world a better place. Learn more about Cornerstone for Nonprofits online.

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