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Beyond simple customer support,
Cornerstone focuses on your success.

Cornerstone is only successful when our clients are successful. With this in mind, we’ve developed a truly unique approach to working with clients through a best practice engagement model fundamentally premised upon the concept of client success. This means:

  • Assigned resources
  • Explicit expectation setting
  • Clear measures of success
  • Outcomes that are continuously measured and monitored
  • A proactive focus on both user adoption and ongoing optimisation of your Cornerstone solution
Client Success Framework
Our approach continues to be successful, with greater than
95% client retention across the 12-year history of the company.
What is the Client Success Framework?

What is the Client Success Framework?

The Client Success Framework is an operating model built on the philosophy of client success that provides an end-to-end process of key activities and expectations that contribute to a successful business partnership between Cornerstone and our clients. It provides detailed tools and processes for each key job role within the four phases of the Cornerstone Client Lifecycle.

Who are the Client Success Managers?

Who are the Client Success Managers?

As a Cornerstone client, you are assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM) for the life of your relationship. CSMs are not only former HR, learning and talent management practitioners themselves, they are also former Cornerstone clients. As your point of contact and continuity with Cornerstone, no one understands how to drive the success of your initiatives better than former practitioners and users of Cornerstone. And they are not there to sell you anything – the CSM’s sole mission is your success.

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