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February '20 Release

Cornerstone’s February 2020 Release delivers features and enhancements to build a more accessible experience to grow more proactive learners and managers.

February '20 Release

Product Highlights Include:

  • External Content with Smart URLs - Learning isn’t limited to the content in your catalog. External Content with Smart URLs lets you bring content from the web, keep it organized and discoverable.
  • Content Anytime Digital Native Advancement (DNA) - Cornerstone's new Digital Native Advancement (DNA) series will help Generation Z and Millennials, a.k.a Digital Natives, with the interpersonal skills they need to be successful at work with familiar styles and formats they know and love.
  • Simplified Recruiter Experience in Manage Candidates - The key day-to-day functionality recruiters need is now in Manage Candidates in a simplified experience to let recruiters take action in bulk or ad-hoc to progress the right candidates quickly.
  • Edge Import: LMS Historical Data, and Employee and OU Bulk Loads and Feeds - LMS Historical Data Loader and Employee/Organizational Units Bulk Loader provide new levels of usability, support, speed and data integrity functionality to help companies of all sizes load and maintain accuracy of their instances.
  • Secure Custom Fields - HR users can now add encrypted custom fields and define access to allow more visibility to those who need it with encryption.

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