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Increase company productivity through continuous employee development with CORNERSTONE PERFORMANCE™

Help employees perform at their best and managers to be more effective with a robust, development-led solution that adapts to both traditional and continuous performance management styles

Support agile goals

Static goals are easily forgotten. Stay in sync with your teams using a continuous performance management tool to facilitate goal conversations, track goal progress and adapt goals for business agility.

Drive continuous performance development

Provide clear development plans that recommend personalized training based on employees' unique interests and skill set. Maximize training and development when combining our performance management solution and world-class Learning Suite to improve productivity.

Drive ongoing feedback and coaching

Supplement performance reviews with relevant feedback from peers, project teams, and the people that employees work with to get a complete view of their performance.

Facilitate more frequent, effective check-ins

Transform your managers from supervisors into coaches providing employees alignment on expectations and actionable tasks to develop and close gaps with a continuous performance management tool

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