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Improve the new hire experience and productivity from day one.

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Onboarding matters for every employee

Talent teams face challenges with effectively onboarding new employees and helping them achieve productivity faster. organisations need a holistic approach to welcome new hires and set the stage for developing to their full potential. Cornerstone's Onboarding software goes beyond human resource information systems ( HRIS ) to deliver the right resources, connections, and tools.

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Personalised Onboarding Process

Cornerstone's onboarding software provides a welcoming experience for new hires through personalised pages and a central resource for organisational information.

Forms Management

Simplify new hire documentation through dynamically-generated forms that are accessible across the workforce through employee onboarding software.

Improved Onboarding Process

Accelerate onboarding process by assigning tasks, training, goals, and certifications within Cornerstone's HR software.

Employee Onboarding Software

Employee onboarding software connects colleagues and immerses new hires in the organisational culture for stronger engagement.

  • Personalised Onboarding Process
  • Forms Management
  • Improved Onboarding Process
  • Employee Onboarding Software
Develop greater engagement with your employees through interactive media, messages, and videos.
Manage everything from employee handbooks, direct deposit, benefit sheets, signoff forms, company policies, assets, emergency contact info, and more.
Assign training that's targeted for every new hire.

Benefits of Onboarding Software

Engage employees, help them achieve productivity faster, and manage various transitions at critical points across the employee lifecycle with easy to use onboarding software.

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Achieve Faster Employee Productivity

Helpful employee management tools to get new hires on the right track through targeted training and goals. Provide the right resources at the right time so employees become faster and more effective contributors.

Improve Onboarding Process

Reduce administrative hassle and improve employee productivity while delivering accountability with greater collaboration between employees, managers, HR, and across departments.

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Increase Employee Engagement

Engage employees by immersing them into your unique culture and support employees with personalized onboarding tools and social connections with colleagues.

Manage the Employee Lifecycle

From hire-to-retire, seamlessly handle the employee lifecycle for any role. New hires, transfers, relocations, retirements, and offboarding can be handled with this employee lifecycle management software.

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