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A lesson plan for your people

Equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in the real world is the primary goal of all educational institutions, from preparatory to primary and from secondary to higher and further education.

But student success is often dependent on the effectiveness of the teaching staff, making the hiring, retaining and developing of teaching talent a significant priority for most educational organisations.

Cornerstone for Higher Education

This is no simple matter: institutions must gain visibility into employee performance using meaningful metrics, which they can turn into best practices and identify knowledge or skill gaps to prescribe individualised personal development plans. With one central tool which can securely keep track of all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from hiring to training to retirement, organisations can increase effectiveness and better support and enable student achievement.

Cornerstone for Education provides an efficient, automated, scaleable solution for effectively managing and developing education professionals, which helps to remove the headache and administration often associated with this process.

Cornerstone for Education supports you with:

Recruiting and Onboarding

With the Recruiting Cloud you can easily manage your job openings from a single dashboard while automating the interview and selection process to increase speed and quality of hire. Our onboarding features will streamline and standardise new hire orientation, align staff to school or district goals, and connect peer and mentor communities.

Professional Development

With the Cornerstone Learning Cloud you can assign, deliver and track professional development training of all types (instructor led, e-learning, videos, documents and virtual classes). You also can track completion, feedback, costs, credits, school-level development activities and external individual training in a unified transcript to measure the quality of programs and classroom impact.

Evaluations and Observations

With the Cornerstone Performance Cloud, you can capture evaluation and observation feedback with fully automated review tasks. You also can rate competencies and connect evaluations to individual action items or development plans. Evaluation data is instantly visible to the teacher or staff member, enabling them to take action toward continuous improvement.

Professional Learning Communities

Cornerstone's professional learning communities enable you to retain and share knowledge from your most experienced and effective teachers, as well as improve collaboration and idea sharing across classrooms and schools.

Compliance and Certification

This feature allows you to track required compliance training or continuing education credits for certificate renewals.

Career Paths

Teachers and staff can manage their careers by investigating career paths and self-assessing their readiness for new roles based on current and required skills and attributes. They can even apply for open positions through the Career Center.

Leadership Development

This tool enables you to identify the skills and experience available in your school or area to fill critical roles. You will be able to develop succession plans across the system to identify and proactively manage retention and retirement risks.

Volunteer and Community Engagement

Train volunteers, track activity and empower community partners for maximum involvement and impact of resources in the classroom and on school sites with Cornerstone's Volunteer Management tools.

Dashboards and Reporting

Real-time dashboards give senior staff and administrators visual evidence of important trends so they can take corrective actions or reward jobs well done. Senior staff can proactively monitor progress toward goals and development and make data-driven decisions using our powerful custom reporting engine.

The Cornerstone Advantage

Organically Developed

Cornerstone OnDemand is a completely homegrown product and service model—not one cobbled together through acquisitions. This translates into one system with a single user interface, data model and customer support team, creating consistent reporting across clouds.

Software as a Service

Software as a service means that there is never any software to install or maintain, and no hardware or IT involvement needed. It also means that all upgrades or new features for Cornerstone OnDemand for Education happen seamlessly. Users are always on the current version and automatically benefit from the enhancements released four times a year.

Configurability and Ease of Use

Cornerstone administrators require no special software skills to configure and use the system. End users quickly learn to navigate Cornerstone thanks to our easy-to-use website-like design.


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