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Interested in translating your processes into Cornerstone? talessio supports you.

Successfully translate your business processes into Cornerstone with talessio’s knowledge and many years of experience.

About the alliance

You have business goals to reach and you have chosen Cornerstone as your solution. talessio understands that: our focus is on achieving your goals, without needing you to dig deep into technical details before being able to find the best way to realize your endeavour. This is where we offer our experience, our knowledge, and our understanding of your perspective. We support you in identifying the proper tools, suggesting ways of using them, and adapting them to your requirements.

Partner segments

  • Services
  • All verticals
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa

About talessio GmbH

talessio means »talent« and »accessio«: your talent, your growth. We support you in developing Talent and Human Capital Management strategies in your company and implementing them in concrete processes and solutions. We aim to understand your challenges in order to transfer them into concrete and feasible solutions. We mediate and translate your requirements into Cornerstone and help you to manage your suppliers and partners. We draft pragmatic solutions with your IT and your partners, implement them, and support the change. Learn more at talessio.

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