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Cornerstone & Reddsand – Better Together

Your People - Are truly your company’s most important asset. When it’s time for you to take your talent management from tactical to strategic, it’s time to work with us, a Cornerstone Partner with a pedigree across all CSOD suites and types of clients.

About the alliance

Reddsand is your go-to source for implementation, optimization, & consulting on Cornerstone’s talent management platform. Let us help you take your business to the next level. Having the keys to the engine (the Cornerstone Platform) is one important part of the equation. Having Reddsand as your partner along the journey is the other. We’ll work closely with your teams to bring you through the process of transforming your talent management function to becoming strategic. Not always an easy process, but always a worthwhile one. Real-time data and information can make the difference between success and failure in many businesses and with Cornerstone and Reddsand, you’ll be ready to reach the next level and beyond. At Reddsand, ‘We’re all about the people’. We help organizations just like yours make talent management a core competency through advanced HR Technology & services.

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About Reddsand Solutions

Reddsand is the fastest growing HR Technology & Services providing company, helping organisations to strategically design their talent management system. Our team is specialised in Cornerstone On Demand (CSOD) and will help you keep pace with the latest HR technologies in the market. We aim to boost your company productivity by transforming your talent management system to a strategically managed workforce system. At Reddsand, “We’re all about the people”, thus we make sure that every step of the Cornerstone implementation process is a hassle-free transition in your HR management and Employee Engagement process.

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