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Cornerstone and PowerForward have partnered together to develop leaders and build championship teams

About the alliance

Together, Cornerstone OnDemand and PowerForward deliver online courses that improve the ability for emerging leaders to make critical business decisions, develop value-based leadership and build successful teams. The digital video course content is built around critical leadership themes and situations, and the real-life experiences of world-class influencers.


Get access to the insights of successful leaders as they walk you through some of the toughest decision points they faced in their careers. What would you do? What would your team do? Courses are structured in a way that puts you in the shoes of the leaders making these tough decisions.

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About PowerForward

Mike "Coach K" Krzyzewski has led the Duke University men’s basketball team and USA Basketball to unrivaled greatness, creating a clear vision of success and motivating his players to develop a strong emotional connection to that vision. With Coach K's unparalleled success at its core, PowerForward is developing the definitive brand for team building and leadership development through multi-platform, differentiated content. We have recruited a team of diverse leaders who walk you through some of their most critical professional and personal crossroads. These conversations put you in the game, giving you the practice to understand and feel just what our leaders have faced. You’ll learn applicable lessons and tools that will put you in a position to win, when the game is on the line. Learn more at

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