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Data migration simplified

Providing a complete software/services package to help companies and CSOD Partners with their data migration, cleansing and maintenance challenges

About MLDman & Cornerstone

MDLman works with either the end user company or CSOD partner to help with the task of data migration and transformation to ensure the CSOD project is delivered on time and meets customer expectation by removing the so called ‘data shock’ in any implementation. Working either directly or indirectly, MDLman can provide the necessary software and services to help you assess, prepare and transform legacy data ready for a successful migration and thereafter, ensure the ongoing integrity of the data in the new production system.

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About MDLman

MDLman has grown since its inception in 2013 to a thriving data management consultancy and software provider, with a particular focus on Cornerstone OnDemand implementations. We have a team of seasoned data management experts and consultants and an intuitive piece of software called MDLresolver which streamlines and accelerates data migrations and assures ongoing data quality. We are flexible in the way we work with you and MDLresolver can be leased by either a partner or the end user to conduct the work in-house for the duration of the project, alternatively we can manage the whole process for you.

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