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Jam Pan provides digital learning talent across the board: driving innovation, while implementing, developing and supporting the Cornerstone platform.

About the alliance

Jam Pan has over 12 years’ experience delivering Cornerstone product suite implementations, as well as additional support services such as redesigns of entire platforms and admin services, all this to over 100 Cornerstone Clients. Within Jam Pan, we hold a core team of permanent Cornerstone experts, all of whom have had direct experience as Cornerstone clients, ensuring expert continuity of service provision. Jam Pan fully understands the nature and complexities of growing and maintaining the Cornerstone platform internally, and the two entities will work together as one to retain the high customer service standards that both are renowned for.

Partner segments

  • Services
  • Business Services
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonprofit
  • Retail
  • State & Local
  • Technology & Media
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa

Partner features

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Jam Pan is a marketplace dedicated to connecting freelancers and agencies to organizations that require digital support with e-learning. We are an experienced but quickly-developing company, offering clients fresh and more cost-efficient ways to resource digital learning services. The wider Jam Pan offering is a pool of more than 800 suppliers, with all of the collective skills potentially required within e-learning. Within our own internal team, we have a clear talent strategy, ensuring consistency. Our core team consists entirely of learning professionals, and the global support that we provide means that we are also continually exposed to new methods and ways of working. Since its launch, Jam Pan has grown rapidly, and it’s easy to see why. The genuine help provided with support provision has ensured that spending is minimized on RFPs and procurement, meaning that energy and budget can be focused where it should be: directly on learning and development. We understand both the challenges and benefits of outsourcing work, and are committed to minimizing the former and maximizing the latter. Our business model is both simple and transparent. Jam Pan’s innovative approach to e-learning provision is paying off: We are delighted to have been included on the Fosway 9 Grid as both a potential leader, and the biggest disruptor in the digital learning market. Within Jam Pan, we hold a core of permanently employed dedicated Cornerstone specialists, this change in business mode; has been due to the sheer volume of projects we are handling monthly. We have a clear strategy in place to grow this team using permanent staff.

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