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See talent clearly. Manage it wisely.

Cornerstone and HRSG have partnered together to: Bring a common foundation to all talent mangement functions through ready to use competency models.

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About the alliance

Together, HRSG and Cornerstone offer organizations a better way to make data driven decisions across the entire talent management lifecycle. By using fully-customizable, ready-to-use competency models, you can start using competencies quicker and easier to make sure that every selection, development, learning and performance decision is based on the key behaviors that lead to success. Select from three tiers of packages to get the content you need to meet your objectives.

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About HRSG

HRSG is a world leader in the field of competency-based management. Our solutions focus on aligning the behaviors that connect personal growth with professional success. Founded in 1989, HRSG provides HR professionals and business leaders with the tools to make better talent decisions based on a common competency framework. HRSG’s library of competencies and competency models is extensive, including both behavioral and technical competencies, and covering most industry sectors. Our tools and services are designed to help organizations get the most impact out of their competency initiatives.

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