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Hire Better. Manage Smarter.

Fama and Cornerstone OnDemand have collaborated to provide clients with access to Fama's suite of AI solutions that help businesses hire better talent and manage teams more effectively.

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About the alliance

As part of the Cornerstone OnDemand and Fama partnership, clients have access to Fama services, which include Fama for Hiring, Fama for Management and Fama’s Predictive Solution. The Fama solution leverages social media, digital news, web results and internal HR data to fill gaps of information on your talent which ultimately helps protect against risks like insider threats, bullying and poor performance.

Partner segments

  • Technology
  • All verticals
  • Asia Pacific & Japan
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Latin America
  • North America

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About Fama

Founded in Santa Monica in 2015, Fama is the brainchild of CEO Ben Mones and CTO Collin Scangarella. Built by a team of PhD data scientists, engineers, and change-makers Fama uses AI and natural language processing to save companies time while helping them shape corporate culture. Learn more at

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