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Conserve resources and drive system engagement with eSkillz

eSkillz provides expert, comprehensive support solutions for Cornerstone UTM, excelling in implementation and optimization services and end-user support. We help you save money and valuable resources while maximizing your Cornerstone ROI.

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About the alliance

eSkillz is unmatched when it comes to breadth of services and cultivated Cornerstone expertise. You’ll find no other organization that fuses end-user live support, system administrator support, and virtual event management support as effectively and capably. Our flexible support models allow you to choose the level of assistance you need, when you need it, saving your organization time and money while maximizing ROI. From Learning to Recruiting to Performance and beyond—we’ve got you covered.

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About eSkillz

eSkillz is the leading provider of comprehensive support solutions for Human Capital Management / Talent Development, Learning Management System (LMS) and web-conferencing platforms, providing customers with on-demand support for both their administrator teams and their end-user population. Our tenure in the industry is marked by hundreds of successful deployments and customized support solutions that offer customers extreme flexibility paired with superior customer service. By combining our proprietary support engine with highly skilled Systems Administrators, Support Specialists, and Event Producers, along with our client-proven success, the eSkillz comprehensive suite of solutions delivers immediate impact. Learn more at

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