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Beyond Knowledge

Cornerstone and Cegos have partnered together to offer critical skills that companies need in today’s business environment, enabling employees to update their skills on the job and on demand

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About the alliance

Soft skills are more important than ever before. With increased automation, experts predict that entire categories of jobs will disappear before the middle of this century. However, jobs that require human skills – such as listening, interpreting feelings, managing time -- are increasing. Cegos elearning courses cover critical Soft skills that companies need in today’s competitive business environment. Through Cornerstone, Cegos content is a scalable, flexible, cloud-hosted, on-demand solution to support lifelong learning.

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About Cegos

Cegos is a global leader in professional learning with a catalog of over 200 of the best elearning courses on soft skills and other business topics.   Courses feature engaging interactivity to capture learners’ attention, ensure skill development and enable behavior change.  All courses are built tablet-first so they’re suitable for use on mobile devices.  Courses feature real-life scenarios with a contemporary, user-friendly design.   To help support global organizations and their initiatives, courses are localized into up to 18 languages.  The courses aren’t just translated, they’re adapted to local languages and cultures by local experts. The Cegos Group is a worldwide leader in training and development. With 1 000 employees, we have learning experts on staff, as well as subject matter experts who are involved in all aspects of content creation.  We have offices in 13 countries and customers and partners in 50 countries around the world.  Our e-learning Catalogue on Soft Skills has +2 millions of learners per year. The Group also offers +100 certificate or diploma courses, independently or in partnership with universities and top educational facilities. Learn more at

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