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Align partners, customers and suppliers with engaging training

Align your external stakeholders to your key objectives to drive compliance, engagement, adoption and most importantly, results.

Personalize learning portals for all of your channels

Quickly deploy a learning portal with the look and feel of your company. Whether you have many channels with different training requirements or just one, content management, new user registration, purchases, and communication are all configurable for a smooth and seamless experience.

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Create a new sales channel with learning

Your carefully crafted expertise can mean market opportunity with our ecommerce functionality. With the flexibility of a time-tested LMS, you can build learning tracks with multiple steps, virtual instructor led courses, social collaboration and more. Each successful participant can see and link to their own certificate to boost their credibility.

Adapt quickly to a changing market

Content is everything in our digital age and Cornerstone Create allows you to quickly build courses that will engage your audiences on the latest of what they need to know. Whether you already have your course created in a presentation, in a set of videos, or just a rough outline, building a course is easy. Provide your learners access to files for download inline with your content for immediate application. Most importantly, as things change, Create allows you to modify your content and update your audience in minutes.

Enable sales stakeholders on Salesforce

Provide your users with easy access to learning content within the application they are already using. Cornerstone for Salesforce provides best-in-class LMS and modern learning functionality that can be extended to the platform, so you can increase adoption and application of learning content.

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Schedule a personalized 1:1

Speak to an expert who can walk you through the ways Cornerstone can benefit your specific situation.

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