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Use predictive analytics to make better workforce decisions.

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Extract Game-changing HR Insights from Your Data

Cornerstone Insights applies sophisticated HR predictive analytics to your workforce data to enable business leaders to answer burning questions about how to use data for better hiring, manage, retain and reward employees. Insights allows clients to easily visualise their talent data and take immediate action on recommendations to achieve measurable improvements in business results.

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Flight Risk Predictor

Employee turnover drives increased replacement costs, loss of knowledge, and delayed projects. With better insight into employee flight risk predictive factors, you can retain high-performing employees for longer and overall lower employee attrition.

Risk Management Software

Increase your compliance and prevent future non-compliance with risk management softeware. Understand current levels of risk within the organisation, where the highest levels of risk reside, and the likely reasons for the risk.

Career Planning Software

Identify new, and potentially counterintuitive, sources for succession planning. With these new insights, you can improve employee engagement and performance by providing employees with career paths for their upward mobility.

Compliance Management Software

Uncover non-compliance predictive factors and receive policy change recommendations with compliance management software. This will reduce your organisation's risk for regulatory fines and help prevent employee downtime.

  • Flight Risk Predictor
  • Risk Management Software
  • Career Planning Software
  • Compliance Management Software

Benefits of Cornerstone's HR Metrics

Existing approaches to HR metrics are highly manual, take months and teams of people to execute, and are weak at identifying what changes will drive the greatest impact. With Cornerstone Insights, you can harness the power of predictive analytics to quickly make well-grounded, far-reaching decisions that solve important business problems and push employee productivity to the next level.

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Manage the Workforce Proactively

Predictive HR analytics allow you to analyse trends in your historical data and identify what lies ahead for your organisation. Cornerstone Insights takes it one step further with our workforce analytics dashboard which recommends changes and visualises the impact of those changes. You can get ahead of issues before they become a problem.

Predictive Workforce Analytics

Understand your company down to the individual employee with predictive workforce analytics. Cornerstone Insights enables managers to reduce attrition risk and have better conversations and take actions that will lead to longer-tenured, higher-performing employees.

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Strategic HR Analytics

Cornerstone Insights enables business leaders to be more strategic with predictive HR analytics. You now have the ability to leverage game-changing, real-time HR analytics to improve a business performance or metrics that affect hundreds of employees across many groups and locations.