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Cornerstone for Energy & Utilities

Built and based on successful client implementations and experiences, Cornerstone helps energy and utilities organizations strategically manage and continuously develop their talent throughout the entire employee lifecycle.


Organizations are transforming their people strategies to develop their best employees.

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Organizations face challenges when it comes to competing for, attracting, and retaining the best talent. With Cornerstone, easily showcase your amazing brand in a way that attracts right-fit candidates. In addition, cater to unique compliance in oil and gas fields.

One solution for fostering organizational effectiveness.

With specific mission-focus and dedication to the communities they serve, Energy and Utilities organizations have niche people management needs. Cornerstone for Energy and Utilities  is based on real, successful client experiences recruiting new talent, retaining people, and making compliance simple.With Cornerstone for Energy and Utilities, take your organization to the next level with continuous development for individuals & teams on things like new equipment & techniques. Make compliance simple, even in the most rigid oil and gas fields. Provide career development, transparent performance feedback, and appropriate incentives to prepare the next generation of leaders by aligning key resources to business objectives.Implement engaging onboarding procedures upfront to significantly improve time to productivity and retention.

With Cornerstone for Energy and Utilities you can:

  • Show them how amazing the insurance industry is! Appeal to target candidate groups with branded career sites.
  • Maintain compliance, even in the most rigid oil & gas fields, and deliver a comprehensive package for field workers.
  • Fulfill safety & environmental requirements such as confined spaces, hazardous materials, and EPA & OSHA standards.
  • Provide a comprehensive package for field workers with Cornerstone certifications and classroom learning features.

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Modern, tailored training boosts employee performance and supports organizational goals.

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Cornerstars in Energy & Utilities

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