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Cornerstone Edge

Simplify your integrations with Cornerstone.

Easily Integrate Cornerstone with Your Applications

Cornerstone Edge simplifies integrations between your Cornerstone Unified Talent Management system with other workforce applications to maximize your human capital management investments. Leverage our easy-to-use tools to explore and effortlessly integrate with your HR applications to create a seamless user experience and extend your talent data for your unique business needs.

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Manage Integrations

From within your Cornerstone portal, Edge Integrate allows you to purchase prebuilt integrations from our Marketplace that you can easily configure, enable and manage.


Browse and purchase from a directory of prebuilt integrations to easily extend Cornerstone to address your unique HR and business needs. Filter to quickly view integrations by product and functionality.

Trial Integrations

Try prebuilt integrations before committing to a purchase from our Marketplace and rolling out the new functionality to your organization.

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Benefits of Cornerstone Edge

Cornerstone Edge provides our clients and partners the flexibility and extensibility they need to integrate their Cornerstone Unified Talent Management system with other applications. Extend Cornerstone data and rely on our industry-leading uptime and scalability of our hosted infrastructure.

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Reduce Integration Cost & Effort

Both technical and non-technical users can purchase and configure integrations directly from a single place. Edge Integrate saves your organization significant investments in time, money and teams of people by extending Cornerstone for you to other industry-leading applications.

Social & Reliable

Cornerstone develops, maintains and supports all Cornerstone Edge prebuilt integrations. Rely on Cornerstone for the world-class reliability and scalability of our SaaS solutions and continued innovation as we maintain and grow our ecosystem of prebuilt integrations over time.

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product benefits graphic

Faster & Easier Integrations

Edge Integrate makes connecting Cornerstone with other applications easy. With prebuilt integrations and intuitive configuration tools, you can fast-track end-to-end integrations with other applications.

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