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Strengthen managers and leaders across your organization

Create stronger managers across your organization with leadership and management training focused on motivating and engaging employees in a digital workplace.

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Why invest in leadership and management training?

Successful companies have one major thing in common: excellent managers and leaders. These leaders not only have a vision, great communication and people skills but also vast knowledge about their industries. But great managers and leaders are hard to come by. Smart organizations are growing and nurturing them from within, investing in robust, engaging Leadership & Management training programs to accomplish this. However, there are still many organizations that have little to no effective development opportunities in this area.

According to a recent study by West Monroe Partners, half of managers with 10+ years of managerial experience say they only received nine total hours of training, and 43% who have been a manager for less than one year have had no training at all.

On top of it, half of organizations limit their leadership and management programs to only focus on high-potential senior employees. To excel in today’s modern workplace, focusing strictly on high-potentials is not enough. HR teams must invest in building employees —across all levels—into leaders.

Curated for organizations who value the importance of strong managers and leaders, Cornerstone’s Content Anytime Leadership & Management subscription teaches managers how to rally their employees around a shared vision, make high-stakes decisions in the moment, cultivate a positive, outcomes-oriented culture, and develop the systems needed to effectively manage team priorities.

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