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Enabling a lightening-speed response to a COVID19 shutdown

Restaurant Brands – the franchisee for KFC, Pizza Hut, Carl’s Jr. and Taco Bell in New Zealand and a growing global portfolio – implemented Cornerstone Recruiting in 2017 to wrestle better control over the 80-100 jobs a week they regularly need to fill in NZ. But it was their timely 2019 decision to go with the full Cornerstone HR Suite that was critical when the pandemic turned the entire fast food business on its head in March 2020.

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"Cornerstone allowed us to facilitate the critical business processes required, in order to re-open. Without Cornerstone we would have struggled to complete the processes on time."
Jennifer Buddle
Group Chief People Officer, Restaurant Brands

Restaurant Brands and their HR Technology partner Tomorrow’s People were smack in the middle of implementing Cornerstone HR in March 2020 when New Zealand’s strict Stage 4 lockdown forced all their restaurant outlets to close completely.

During the lockdown, the implementation team was able to keep some things moving - setting up forms and workflows and getting initial data into the system. But full systems start-up was still a long way off. It had to wait.

And then - it didn’t.

Stage 3 – a whole new world overnight

In April when new, more lenient Stage 3 restrictions were announced to take effect little more than a week later, Restaurant Brands, their 200+ restaurants and their thousands of staff needed to get back to work fast. But operating in such a way that ensured the safety and wellbeing of their employees, customers and suppliers, in a rapidly changing environment.

No dine-in service. Drive-through only. Exacting sanitation protocols. Extensive employee health check requirements. And 3500+ staff to redeploy within days.


Stage 3 – a whole new world overnight

How Tomorrow’s People and Cornerstone HR helped save the day

Re-starting Restaurant Brands’ businesses and bringing back the workforce was going to be a massive challenge.

Every employee across four separate operating units needed to be contacted, availabilities determined and juggled, schedules sorted and thousands of people deployed back to work.

Restaurant Brands also had to verify that everyone coming back to work had no exposure to the virus or significant pre-existing health constraints. Employees had to fill in forms, responses had to be monitored and recorded and non-responses followed up to completion.

So when Stage 3 was announced, Jennifer Buddle of Restaurant Brands called Jane Ward, CEO of Tomorrow’s People with the challenge she couldn’t refuse: “Get us live – now.”

Jane and her team did it in just under a (sleepless!) week.

On the 21st April the system went live.

For the first time, employee information was all in one place, instead of scattered inaccessibly across multiple systems and business units. Cornerstone provided:

  • Instant, timely communications with all employees
  • Accurate assignment and communication of the correct info to each employee
  • Full visibility of the entire workforce
  • Accurate Dashboards and reporting

Restaurant Brands was able to bring their workforce back into stores to meet Level 3 requirements, on time. What would have been a herculean, largely manual task was accomplished with Cornerstone in just three days.

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