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“The treatment we receive from Cornerstone has transformed the traditional client-supplier relationship into a real partnership.”

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Why Cornerstone

Committed to expanding training opportunities, the IFRC conducted a market study in late 2008 to identify a learning management system (LMS) solution. While Cornerstone OnDemand was the organization’s rst choice, the IFRC technical sta was initially wary of the system’s software-as-a- service (SaaS) delivery method.

“Our IT colleagues had no experience with SaaS. We partnered with Cornerstone to help our sta learn, and they were surprised and pleased by how easy it was to work with the system,” said Goulay. “We began to see Cornerstone not just as our talent management solution, but also as a way for us to introduce SaaS into the entire organization.”

Creating a true partnership with Cornerstone from day one set the standard for the entire working relationship. “From the beginning, the Cornerstone team took the time to understand us and our needs. The treatment we receive from Cornerstone has transformed the traditional client-supplier relationship into a real partnership,” said Ariel Kestens, global head of learning and research for the IFRC.

""The treatment we receive from Cornerstone has transformed the traditional client-supplier relationship into a real partnership.""

The Results

Expanded training opportunities. Previously, IFRC’s millions of volunteers had little access to on-demand training. Today, the organization has an almost 60 percent completion rate across its volunteer base. “Our volunteers have an incredible enthusiasm for the Learning Cloud,” said Goulay. “They’re truly eager to learn.”

The IFRC expected to reach 10 percent of its volunteers with training by 2020. Progress has accelerated fivefold since the implementation of Cornerstone. “In 2013, we expected to have 40,000 users, but we ended up having 100,000 at year’s end,” said Kestens. “We now expect to reach five million by 2020.” IFRC has also seen tremendous cost savings. The Learning Cloud delivers training at one-tenth the cost of a traditional classroom presentation.

Determined workforce capabilities. The IFRC must rapidly deploy volunteers to disasters all over the world. This requires knowing volunteers’ availability, skills, and languages. The IFRC relies on Cornerstone’s succession management capabilities to aggregate and update this information. “We use the Performance Cloud’s succession features to conduct searches,” said Goulay. “When we need to deploy, we can easily search and create a roster of available people.”

Cultivated leaders from the volunteer base. For the IFRC, leadership is a grassroots endeavor. With the Learning Cloud, the IFRC can easily—and efficiently—offer development opportunities to volunteers interested in leadership. “Most of the training uploaded to the platform is intended to help our volunteers develop into our future leaders,” said Kestens.

Engaged millennials from day one. Using Cornerstone has helped the IFRC engage millennials, for whom the workplace is more than just a place to do a job. “Millennials have higher expectations. They are much more demanding in terms of what the organization should be doing for them,” said Kestens. “We are able to deliver training their first week. Cornerstone helps us create a good impression.”

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