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Helping an ambitious council attract world-class talent and deliver great community outcomes

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Why Cornerstone

As we looked at new systems options, we quickly realised we had more issues than just talent. Too many solutions were too narrow for our purposes now, or would require multiple systems down the road. Only Cornerstone offered a single, integrated solution for recruitment and for all our HR needs, now and in the future.

experience – one portal, simple sign-on, tracking across the entire relationship with a candidate or staffer and a single system for staff to learn and operate seamlessly.

»Future-proofing – a system that can not only handle the council’s demands now (1,100 staff plus 300 external and 200 internal movements a year) – but scale up and add functions easily as staff and requirements grow.

»On-the-ground support – Hamilton’s spec demanded a responsive local presence, and they got it with Cornerstone’s NZ partner Tomorrow’s People.

»Speed of start-up – with a ‘go’ in March 2019, Hamilton was able to go live with the first module by July 2019, and the second by early January 2020.

Getting started

Hamilton kicked off modestly with just one element of the Cornerstone Learning Suite: the online learning module. It was an easy go-live, and proved a clever way to get staff comfortable quickly with the look, feel and functionality of a new system.

They then expanded into Cornerstone Recruitment and an area presenting somewhat more complex needs. Processes that have been handled historically with inefficient and unconnected Word documents are, stage-by-stage, being automated end-to-end.

And here’s something you don’t hear every day. According to Michelle, implementing Cornerstone was “nothing like my experience with any other systems. It was a fun, memorable experience!”

Michelle says Tomorrow’s People were by far the best implementation consultants she’s ever worked with, for any systems.

The results so far

Michelle reports that the new systems have made a huge difference already.

In the Learning area, time-consuming coordination that used to be juggled by spreadsheet is now fully digitised. Managers can review and approve learning initiatives, see who’s doing what when, check training records and more. Admin time has already been reduced substantially.

In the Recruiting area, results are even more dramatic. In some areas of the candidate review process alone, Cornerstone has cut admin processing time by at least 50%. Instead of chasing down multiple documents across multiple sources, everything about a candidate from selection and screening to short-listing or decline and rating can now be reviewed end-to-end, in one place.

What’s next

Hamilton will be switching on more Learning functionality in 2020, with plans to automate the training certification process, individualise employee induction plans, tap into social learning capability and more.

Next up for Recruitment: turning on the offers functionality, and extending automation of the candidate process all the way through hire and onboarding.

And Hamilton is already eyeing the Cornerstone Performance Suite for potential implementation in 2021.

Hamilton is a city that is striving to set itself apart and deliver the goods for its community. And Cornerstone is providing the robust, efficient and scalable foundation for the critical ‘people part’ of that effort.

Implementing Cornerstone is one way Council is responding to the need to hire and develop great talent, and deliver outstanding outcomes for our community.

David Bryant, General Manager - Corporate

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