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“The outstanding feature of Cornerstone is that not only is there learning and performance functionality, but everything is on one platform.”

Why Cornerstone

When Beca restructured its entire organisation to reflect a more global presence, the team knew it was time to upgrade the paper-based system. Leadership’s list of “must-haves” wasn’t for the faint of heart. “Our first goal was finding a system that would cover the wide variety of functionality needed in a learning and performance platform. We then realised we also wanted a system that would support new strategies, create synergy between performance and learning, and support people’s career path development,” said Hunwick. “We developed our own competency structure, aligned to all our internal positions. Any new system had to support that framework, as well.”

After extensive research, Beca selected and implemented Cornerstone. “We did our due diligence. We looked at companies who were the ‘best of breed’ and doing well in the market,” said Hunwick. “The outstanding feature of Cornerstone is that not only is there a solid learning and performance functionality, but everything is combined on one platform. It’s not several separate modules. That’s a very strong advantage. Cornerstone became our tool of choice in our challenge to make things more engaging and to have a lighter touch…a move away from the old rigid performance system.”

The Results

Standardised learning and competency development across the globe. Via Cornerstone, the team created a standardised learning format for every employee. “While each local area has specific requirements, we have a Beca way of doing things. With Cornerstone, we’re ensuring consistency,” said Hunwick. “We’ve been able to use Cornerstone to deliver the same training and experience to each employee and client, while also configuring it for the local environment.”

Transformed training into a powerful performance support tool. Cornerstone plays a key role in Beca’s new performance support strategy, designed to give employees access to training in the moment of need, within the context of work. The training works in tandem with other performance support tools, including access to experts and webinars. “How we deliver training is just as important as what we deliver,” said Hawkins. “The online modules in Cornerstone are used as an ongoing resource. People are supported throughout their whole role, not just at the beginning of their job.”

Engaged and supported high achievers with learning, career, and mobility opportunities. With Cornerstone’s increased visibility into the employee “journey,” Beca can better support and engage employees who are ready to take on new challenges. “We use Cornerstone to support our high achievers,” said Hawkins. “At Beca, employees own their careers. Cornerstone helps us understand and have those conversations around how employees are driving their careers, opportunities for mobility, and further development.”




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