Why Engaging New Hires is the Best Way to Keep Them
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Why Engaging New Hires is the Best Way to Keep Them

Talent Acquisition

Why Engaging New Hires is the Best Way to Keep Them

July 11, 2017 Mike Erlin

It’s a competitive world out there. And just because you’ve landed a great new hire, there’s no guarantee they will stay beyond a few months.

Unless you engage employees fully within the first few months – giving them real, rewarding reasons to be loyal to your company – you are likely to lose them.

This is why smart organisations combine recruitment and onboarding in a bid to engage new hires in rich, meaningful ways, increasing the likelihood of retaining them.

Retention statistics are stark

We live in a mobile age where candidates are ditching traditional notions of finding a ‘job for life’.

A 2015 global career conversation study has revealed how increasing employee engagement and performance can increase staff loyalty.

Talk the Talk: How Ongoing Career Conversations Drive Business Success demonstrates the importance of empowering new hires. If career conversations had been more regular, surveyed employees reported they would:

  • Engage more (82%).
  • Share ideas more (78%).
  • Look for opportunities for career growth with current employer (76%).
  • Stay with current employer (75%).

While salary is an important consideration, other issues are front of mind for Australian employees.

A 2016 National Salary Survey by the Australian Institute of Management studied workers leaving their current roles. Results revealed:

  • 82% wanting to embrace new challenges.
  • 56% citing limited career options.
  • 44% seeking higher pay.

The message is clear: Australian workers want opportunity

Add in the burgeoning Millennial component of today’s workforce, and employers are faced with a real challenge.

How can they score the hat trick?

  1. Identifying the right candidate for the role.
  2. Engaging the candidate fully in the first 90 days.
  3. Offering the candidate a career path tempting enough to make them stay long-term.

One answer lies in unified talent management systems which combine every aspect of the hiring journey, from job networking right through to mapping out a career path.

New hires can be engaged via 24/7 mobile technology, responsive learning programs and smart performance appraisals, giving them positive feedback and guidance on their work.

This gets them up to productive speed far more quickly, saving vital dollars.

The right cloud-based software also gives you visibility across your organisation, helping you meet your three primary goals.

  1. Identifying the right candidate

Integrated planning helps you locate candidates who fit company culture and brand, so you interview the right people rather than just lots of people.

It’s easier to identify candidates from both internal and external networks, focusing on the core values, competencies and specific skillset demanded by the role.

Centralising candidate data in one place speeds up the hiring process, expands the candidate pipeline, creates a branded application experience, shares information across multiple platforms and leads to more accurate selection.

  1. Engaging them fully

By encouraging staff to use the latest technology, you increase their engagement, promote collaboration with colleagues, boost creativity and integrate them into company networks.

Mobile, customised social learning can be used to enhance their skills while digital management tools track their progress.

  1. Offering a career path

Having those vital career conversations via face-to-face meetings, performance appraisals and online feedback sessions is vital to retain your candidates long-term.

Allowing them to engage, share ideas and take up new opportunities for learning, development and career growth gives new hires a reason to stay with you.

LinkedIn’s 2015 report, Australian Recruiting Trends, reveals staff retention as the most worrying competitive issue for Australian companies, with 28% nominating it as a top market threat.

Engagement via technology and new forms of learning and career development can help companies both win and keep top performers.

About Mike Erlin

A San Francisco native, Mike first came to Australia in 1986, returning with his Australian family to permanently reside in Sydney in 2005. Over the course of the past 25 years, ‘shared-technology’ solutions have underscored his career. In the late 90... more


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