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Who are the Fastest Growing Companies in Australia & How are They Doing it?

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Who are the Fastest Growing Companies in Australia & How are They Doing it?

August 31, 2016 Vanessa Hamilton

The political and economic climate in Australia remained stable in the last few years despite the financial turmoil elsewhere in the world. This has translated to significant growth for Australian businesses, attracting even more startups while driving expansion and brand development for others. A positive business environment drives growth, but solid corporate distinguish the winners from the rest of the crowd especially in highly competitive markets.

Many Australian companies deserve recognition for achieving remarkable growth. Here are a few companies that have earned their place at the top of the ranks in terms of business growth.

Hunter Mason

Hunter Mason is a Sydney-based construction management company. Founded by Mathew Callender, the company’s business philosophy is entrenched in client satisfaction. Whether the project is worth $25,000 or $4 million, the company treats it as the most important job according to Callender.

The success of this strategy is evident in Hunter Mason’s rate of repeat business, which is placed at 70 percent. Establishing high standards and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their role in the company, subscribes to these standards can be achieved with collaborative software for employees. Cohesive talent management software and communications platform can help a workforce improve performance, and streamline business processes


Canva is a graphic design startup that was named as one of the best places to work by JobAdvisor. Well-funded and highly regarded in the industry, the company’s strength lies in team building and ensuring management and employees can relate to each other. Simple strategies such as providing a positive work environment, sharing lunch and taking the time to listen goes a long way when it comes to eliciting productive feedback.

Performance management tools are crucial when it comes to motivating employees and ensuring that the feedback system is integral to achieving individual goals. Performance evaluation tools are a powerful system that allows managers to assess employee performance periodically, prepare and preserve benchmark data and use the feedback system to drive individual and group performance.


Based in Melbourne, Envato is a software firm that has earned its place as one of the coolest workplaces for women after realigning its processes to address diversity issues. This was accomplished by re-framing job postings to attract female applicants and ensuring a more diverse pool of employees.

Hiring the right talent is a critical part of the business cycle. Managers want to make sure that employees are a good match for the position in terms of credentials, experience and outlook. From the time an application is received and on through the hiring process, recruiting software can help this effort by highlighting the most suitable candidates for the job.

The Thankyou Group

The founders of the Thankyou Group, a food and skincare manufacturing company, have been included in Smart Company's Hot 30 Under 30 class of 2016. Justine and Daniel Flynn along with Jarryd Burns take their entrepreneurial roles seriously. The company has grown tremendously after launching as a specialty bottled-water purveyor. In an interview Burns emphasised that the willingness to learn while challenging traditional practices steered the company to its successful path.

Companies that foster a learning environment tend to discover new and productive ways of doing things. New insights lead to new inspirations, boosting growth in the process. Finding the right learning management software (LMS) that supports employee development is key to this process. The right LMS should boost performance, ensure compliance with internal and external guidelines and help employees achieve their organisational goals.

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