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What is an LMS, or Learning Management System?


What is an LMS, or Learning Management System?

October 12, 2015 Kevin Burns

What is an LMS? A learning management system is a software tool that delivers and manages educational material for businesses and schools. To qualify under this definition, the system must be able to track the learner’s improvement, have management capabilities, leverage collaborative tools and generate various reports. Most people will experience a learning management system as a virtual classroom software course. However, that is just one side of the entire system, which also provides useful data to decision-makers. Many companies are becoming increasingly aware of how effective this technology can be for upgrading their employees’ skill sets.

Cornerstone’s LMS Software

Although most LMS systems are widely known as educational tools, different kinds of systems are used in corporate environments. Corporate learning technology tends to focus on administrative processes, which usually involves training, making performance evaluations, improving employee collaborative abilities and more. Collaborative educational tools in particular are useful in a corporate setting, which can encourage teamwork, improve group skills and target areas for future improvement.

Cornerstone's online training software provides enhancements that are designed to develop the following skills:

  • Train employees for maintaining compliance.
  • Improve efficiency, and reduce overhead costs.
  • Develop career potential and leadership capabilities.
  • Boost revenues and instil a culture of learning into the organisation.
  • Track specific improvement goals.

Cornerstone’s solution for employee training includes the most current mobile learning applications. The employee can benefit from the interactive learning modules, which improve the learning outcomes while addressing the objectives of management. This is different from other computer learning courses because the system is designed to track and report on the progress in a manner consistent with the organisation’s objectives. Cornerstone is a unique system that engages the participants in a manner that encourages collaboration. The software is designed to develop and encourage a sense of group interest in learning, and it enables each employee to develop a self-improvement program.

Cornerstone LMS System Advantage

The culture of learning is taken for granted in educational environments, yet the business community often finds it difficult to get employees interested in learning new skills. However, group learning can be a dynamic force for good when the company's culture is supportive. In fact, this is an excellent method for boosting morale, generating innovative solutions to persistent problems and increasing productivity.

One of the most useful and practical functions of the Cornerstone LMS solution is the feature that can track improvements. Measuring progress can be valuable to the organisation’s goals. Every group has a dynamic element when it comes to learning, and it is often difficult to address weaknesses in a way that is effective. Cornerstone’s just-in-time training modules address sales performance, which is a unique feature. Employees can be trained to focus on specific areas, which can be targeted by the software. This may require the installation of an employee performance module, or EPM, for example.

The management can decide to configure the learning management software in order to address specific company goals:

  • Improve ROI, and track sales performance.
  • Reduce risks, and minimise the potential legal costs related to non-compliance.
  • Enjoy accurate reports, which also support compliance.

Cornerstone’s Training Software

The advantages of a customised learning system designed to enhance workforce development can be significant. Cornerstone is unique because we leverage existing relationships to provide businesses and schools with flexible learning systems. The interface as well as the learning content can be adjusted to meet the unique requirements of our clientele. The system is designed to reduce the amount of administration involved, for many systems only require one person to manage the overall curriculum. Cornerstone reduces the learning curves in a variety of ways, so our clients can enjoy the benefits that come with an accelerated instructional system.

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