Using Cornerstone Personnel Tracking Software to Boost Your Company's Production
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Using Cornerstone Personnel Tracking Software to Boost Your Company's Production

Talent Management

Using Cornerstone Personnel Tracking Software to Boost Your Company's Production

September 10, 2015 Kevin Burns

It takes more than a good product to sell a company. It also takes more than willingness from the CEO and the administrative staff to make a business reach its full potential. It takes efficient, highly motivated employees to make any business a success. If your product fails to meet expectations, then sales will plummet, and your business will suffer. Likewise, non-productive employees negatively affect your company's outcome. With Cornerstone Performance, you can increase productivity and take your company to new heights.

Cornerstone Performance Management Tools

Many companies evaluate employee performance once a year, resulting in drawn-out reviews with barely any feedback. These time-consuming and costly review processes don't provide an ideal management strategy and only hinder your company's development. Cornerstone Performance replaces the yearly evaluations with 360-degree feedback for helping your employees improve their performance and complete more goals. Just ask Cassie Atteberry, HR manager at Hallmark, who said "With Cornerstone, we can emphasise that evaluating performance is more than a once-a-year event." For Hallmark, Cornerstone makes performance an everyday occasion by helping to:

  1. Streamline compliance
  2. Identify retention risks
  3. Address skill gaps

It's not only Hallmark that benefits from Cornerstone Performance; Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Goodman Group and many others are all using Cornerstone enterprise software to inspire great work and motivate their employees for superior results.

Examining the Features of Cornerstone's Performance Tool

Cornerstone makes performance monitoring and management a simple task. You can measure goal completion, competencies and individual performance as well as encourage social goals by allowing feedback from peers and managers. Some primary features of Cornerstone Performance include:

  1. Skills Matrix: Identify how an employee's skills match with those required for a particular role.
  2. Observation Checklist: Develop customisable checklists to assess and monitor an employee's skills in real time.
  3. Social Feedback: Encourage employees with collectible badges and performance-enhancing feedback.


Cornerstone Performance Benefits

Cornerstone Performance makes employees and their managers more successful by constantly encouraging high productivity, continuous skill growth and maximum goal achievement thanks to effective performance management toolCornerstone Performance has many benefits that aid employers and their respective employees, such as:

  1. Enabling employers to monitor employee performance in a continuous, daily review process
  2. Making goal setting an easy task and giving managers and employees a snapshot of their performance, contributions and progress
  3. Providing comprehensive data for accurately tracking skills and competencies, including any skill gaps and decreases in performance

Increase your company's employee production, and gain improved talent management solutions with Cornerstone Performance. Whether you have a business with just a few or thousands of employees, you can save time and money while gaining a more productive, efficient team with Cornerstone's project management tools.

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