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Use Learning Software to Encourage an Agile Work Environment

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Use Learning Software to Encourage an Agile Work Environment

July 13, 2016 Vanessa Hamilton

Businesses that use performance management tools correctly have the potential to create agile, adaptable organisational cultures. They also have higher chances of leading their industry in innovation and employee satisfaction. Here are some recommendations that might help companies keep up with evolving markets using LMS tools.

What Does Agility Mean for Companies?

A company's security is never guaranteed. Market hurdles can evolve overnight. Better learning software can make it easier to constantly adapt.

Being agile means taking changes in stride. For instance, it may involve teaching sales associates about new product features on a weekly basis. Or firms might begin acclimating production-line staff to imminent compliance standards and regulations before they become official. Above all, training solutions must stay consistent, be well targeted for the right departments and inspire permit future innovation.

The Role of High-Impact-Learning           

Regardless of how business leaders choose to encourage agility, they can depend on learning software to play a part. According to the Employment Department of New Zealand, workforces who stay educated in emerging technologies contribute to increased employee innovation, improved technology usage and higher productivity in general.

All forms of learning are important, but companies that glean the greatest benefits focus on the high-impact variety. These regimens eclipse the traditional process in which employees learn, take tests and determine competencies. By refining the old standards to include knowledge sharing, trust building and learning from failure, high-impact training makes companies far more effective.

A Cornerstone whitepaper revealed that high-impact learning cultures are approximately:

  • 46 percent more likely to be first to market,
  • 34 percent better at responding to consumer need, and
  • 37 percent more productive on an employee level.

How to Build High-Impact Learning Culture

Establishing a high-impact learning culture isn't just a matter of issuing a memo. It may be necessary to rethink the fundamentals of each training regimen. This can be a hefty task. Tools like Cornerstone Growth Edition empower growing businesses to achieve key training goals like cultivating knowledge sharing amongst new and old employees.

Modern entities can't afford to lose the experiential and institutional knowledge of retiring baby boomers. Workforce development tools identify critical skills leading to employees’ success. Then these tools can identify employees who might need to fill these skill gaps and sets up mandatory lessons to teach and test the learned competencies. Cornerstone training software establishes a firm link between successive workforce generations. In the process, it helps decision makers associate shared knowledge with corporate continuity.

Taking Advantage of Searchable, Accessible Knowledge

Good learning management systems motivate every employee to hone their craft. One international bank, for instance, recorded numerous chat sessions with soon-to-retire employees. The bank then uploaded these videos to a lesson database that any employee could search and review at will.

The Australian Public Service Commission notes that "Shifting attitudes of today's workforce towards learning and development also require a changed response by agencies." Catering to instant, convenient professional development increases the chances that training content remains engaging.

Helping the Learning Model Evolve so That Companies Can Too

Tools like Cornerstone Growth Edition make it easy to redefine corporate training. They help companies transition to ongoing performance management, backed by continuous feedback and real-time results. They also lead to the implementation of common competency languages that clarify employee goals. By reducing paperwork and extraneous documentation, these LMS tools contribute to workforce development regimens that are as flexible as modern businesses needs to be.

The right learning software could be the key to preparing today's businesses for tomorrow's challenges. Discover how Cornerstone can foster an agile, high-impact learning culture for your growing business today.

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