Top Recruiting Tips to Build a Better Business
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Top Recruiting Tips to Build a Better Business

Talent Acquisition

Top Recruiting Tips to Build a Better Business

May 16, 2016 Mike Erlin

Modern recruiting methods have largely done away with rigid job postings, formulaic applications and cookie-cutter cover letters. Today’s business owners are seeking to streamline candidate selection by screening potential hires to create a more effective recruiting process. 

Envisioning the Perfect Candidate

Before hiring, companies need a clear picture of who they want to hire and what qualities those ideal recruits should have. Asking these questions can help to pin down exactly who to target: 

  • What skills are needed to do well in the position? 
  • How important is personal passion in driving long-term commitment? 
  • Which personalities and work styles fit the company culture? 
  • How much does a candidate need to be willing to learn? 
  • How much extensive knowledge of the industry does a candidate need? 
  • What is the company looking for in terms of work ethic? 

Modern Talent Acquisition

Recruiters have several options to find candidates that fit the ideal personas for their companies, and recruiting software such as the solutions from Cornerstone helps to simplify the process.

  • Social media provides a wealth of information about potential hires, and Cornerstone’s software provides the tools to reach out to and engage with those who meet a job’s requirements.
  • Video conferencing allows companies to evaluate long-distance prospects and choose only those with enough potential to make a face-to-face meeting worth the cost.
  • Posting “open-ended” ads is a new trend that aims to hire people based on personalities and talents instead of strict job descriptions or skill sets.
  • Talent data analytics tools in the Cornerstone platform filter the information gathered during the recruiting process into understandable metrics that can be used to determine which candidates are best for current positions.

Digital Recruiting Solutions

Once a pool of ideal candidates has been found, the recruiting solutions from Cornerstone makes it easier to narrow down the selection through a series of behavioural questions and simulated “real life” work situations. Assessing how each prospect responds to hypothetical scenarios helps recruiters gauge applicants’ potential for productivity, and their compatibility with existing teams.

Make the Most of Recruitment Software

Business owners and HR staff should meet with department managers at the start of the recruiting process to find out what each team needs to support their long-term growth. Once each department communicates their needs, Cornerstone’s recruiting software saves recruiters time by identifying which candidates meet those requirements out of long lists of applicants. Once the interviews get started Cornerstone’s applicant tracking system can keep track of offer letters, interview assessments and competency levels. These easy to use tools minimise the time wasted on unsuitable candidates by quickly filtering them out. Predictive hiring tools also helps companies understand over time what features in candidates lead to the best long term employee. Predictive hiring works with an algorithm that identifies high performing employees within your company, notices what skills and attributes are frequently mentioned on their resumes, and searches for candidates that share similar traits.

Using recruiting software from Cornerstone takes the hassle out of the hiring process. By allowing businesses to define exactly what qualities they are looking for, software applications narrow down a potentially overwhelming sea of applicants into a group of individuals whose characteristics and talents mesh well with the company’s expectations. The result is a more efficient, cost effective and leads to a better operating company over time. 

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