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Recruiting Software for the Healthcare Industry

Talent Acquisition

Recruiting Software for the Healthcare Industry

April 21, 2016 Mike Erlin

The healthcare talent pool is vast, but occupations in this field are diverse, requiring distinct skill sets and credentials for different functions. This is a field where some jobs involve life-and-death decisions while others play equally important roles in preventative care. Given the critical nature of healthcare occupations, talent recruitment and retention should be among the priority concerns of health-focused organisations.

Why Hiring Healthcare Professionals is More Competitive Now

There are over 610,000 registered health practitioners in Australia compared to more than 17 million in the U.S. The demand for health practitioners is expected to increase while the talent pool declines as the industry faces an increasingly restrictive environment. Here are a few current facts that are stressing the Healthcare workforce:

  • Population shifts as the baby boomer generation reach their retirement years will boost the demand for health services.
  • Healthcare continues to be one of the most popular industries to work in, with over 1.4 million full time and part-time employees
  • Insurance reimbursements will continue to drop as the industry advocates for greater efficiency and cost cutting

Innovative Talent Acquisition Strategies in Healthcare

Talent recruitment is not an easy task, and staffing a sector that requires specialised skills makes it even more so. With Cornerstone's recruitment software, health organisations can manage recruitment strategies more efficiently. Here are a few ways to identify top talent quickly.

  • Highly skilled, high-performance talent is valued in the healthcare sector. From experienced and credentialed nurses to multi-tasking IT specialists. Healthcare recruiters must find a way to draw out these talents, process their applications and encourage their commitment quickly.
  • Use the applicant tracking system to ensure a seamless process for each candidate. From screening to hiring to onboarding, candidates are processed through the system using established protocols ensuring uniformity. Cornerstone’s healthcare compliance software for recruiting includes prepackaged or compliance notification, observation checklists, comprehensive background checks and pre-employment assessments.
  • Identify internal and external candidates using Cornerstone Recruiting's single source platform. There won't be a need to toggle between platforms for different employee databases.

Other Benefits of Using Talent Management Software                                                       

Healthcare recruiting software may be compared to an inbound marketing tool. It draws your target audience by providing an interface with the apps and platforms that they use frequently. Social media recruiting tools that are bundled with Cornerstone's Recruitment software can identify social network profiles that meet established parameters. In search of the best candidates, cast a wider net by encouraging current employees to add their social networks through the employee referral program.

The Cornerstone Recruiting suite is a powerful package of apps and tools that are easy to access and even easier to use. The Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) is a fully functional virtual assistant capable of generating and tracking offer letters, interview assessment, compliance review and candidate tracking. Use Configurable Career Sites to create content that is tailored to the company's metrics and the candidates' preferences.

Recruiting Software that Works

Healthcare recruiting is a fast-paced, dynamic process. Let Cornerstone help with a suite of HR tools capable of organising, tracking, updating and measuring outcomes. With Cornerstone software, health organisations will be in a great position to optimise recruitment efforts.

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