Internal Hiring – Sideways is the New Up!
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Internal Hiring – Sideways is the New Up!

Talent Acquisition

Internal Hiring – Sideways is the New Up!

October 27, 2016 Olivier Pestel

Talent acquisition is all about finding candidates with the right qualifications, an attitude fitting for your company’s culture and dedication to corporate visions for growth. Looking within the company using predictive hiring strategies supported by insightful internal recruitment software simplifies the process of finding the best employees.

How Australian Businesses are Hiring

According to data from the Department of Employment Survey of Employer’s Recruitment Experiences, Australian businesses are currently using a combination of traditional and modern hiring processes to find new employees:

  • 48 percent of positions are posted on the Internet
  • 18 percent of listings are placed in newspapers
  • 17 percent are advertised by word of mouth
  • Employment agencies handle 15 percent of placements

Another 32 percent of jobs are never listed in any formal way. Regardless of the methods they choose, the hiring teams at Australian companies spend more time than is necessary on seeking outside talent, conducting interviews and training new employees.

Why Choose Internal Recruitment?

Statistics show over 70 percent of people learn the majority of their duties on the job. This means existing employees are primed for mobility within the company thanks to their familiarity with procedures and long-term goals. Performance tracking software shows you which individuals are ready to move up and who needs more training before taking on a higher position.

Internal recruitment maximises the talent you already have by allocating resources where they can best be used. Instead of wading through a stack of resumes from external candidates and trying to find just the right fit for your company, you’re drawing from a pool of people whose talents you already recognise and appreciate.

Internal Resources vs. External Talent Acquisition

Company growth relies on strong leadership across an organisation. Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends in 2015 showed only 32 percent of organisations report having a “steady supply of leaders at the top levels.” Acquiring talent from outside sources is more likely to leave a leadership gap during the time new hires are sought, interviewed and trained.

Using hiring software to identify and strengthen leadership skills within the company bypasses the traditional hiring process and ensures you have staff members ready to take on more responsibilities when positions as supervisors or department heads open up.

Predictive Hiring for Best Results

To solve the problem of a lack of leadership, it’s important to develop a smart succession planning strategy using internal recruitment software to track how employees are growing within your company. With the right software platform, you can:

  • Create realistic simulations of job situations
  • Pose questions to determine potential behaviors on the job
  • Test employees to determine if they’re ready for a promotion
  • Set up targeted training for the most qualified individuals

As you plan your internal hiring strategy, communicate clearly with your staff so that they know what to expect. Emphasise the learning aspect of the process, and make it clear your goal is to nurture existing talents for the benefit of both employees and the entire company. Paying attention to what current staff members can offer not only spurs growth but also improves job satisfaction.

Combining talent management solutions to create a comprehensive internal hiring strategy ensures you don’t miss out on maximising the talents of employees you already have. Using software such as Recruiting and Selection from Cornerstone, you can track current staff members, identify potential leaders and hire from within the company to cut down on time spent recruiting. Tailor training to prepare your top talents for mobility, and take advantage of the best and brightest to move your business closer to its goals.

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