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Improve Employee Output with Collaboration Tools for Business

Talent Management

Improve Employee Output with Collaboration Tools for Business

October 19, 2016 Mike Erlin

Working together in an office doesn’t provide an opportunity for constant brief conversations and the occasional exchange of a stack of documents before moving on in lonely isolation. Nor is it beneficial to hold meetings with little direction just to stay somewhat social. Instead companies should be asking all employees to understand to the greatest practicable extent how the work of each employee complements and integrates with the work of every other individual in the organisation. It means thoughtful collaboration on the organisation's extended portfolio of goals and not just blind adherence to a constricted list of formal job requirements. Luckily these seemingly impossible tasks are possible with collaboration software for businesses.

Workplace Productivity

The rise of the industrialised world owes its success in large part to the meshing of a vast collection of individual talents working together inside individual companies in the global community of businesses. Neglecting to make the most of individual talents within an organisation sacrifices the potential for optimum workplace productivity. Only real communication and collaboration between skilled employees will bring out the best possibilities for profitability and marketplace dominance.

Collaboration Software The information technology revolution that has so steadily increased productivity for decades has reached maturity in the form of sophisticated collaboration software that tracks individual productivity and the potential for productive interactions between employees. Indeed, forward-looking firms can expect a cornucopia of benefits from adopting effective collaboration tools for business:

  • Stronger employee morale from the social networking effects of collaboration practices.
  • Deeper alignment with organisational purposes as cross-pollination between individual backgrounds further engages staffers with primary business goals.
  • Better retention rates within the general staff, especially among the individuals who demand an engaging, challenging work environment.
  • Higher efficiency as staff members cross functional lines to discuss effective ways to fulfil organisational goals while minimising overhead costs and streamlining process flows.
  • Greater creativity as innate talents are challenged and developed during the workplace collaboration processes that follow from adopting intelligent task management software.
  • Wider cooperation between customers, employees and business partners as they participate in an extended network to optimise the return from critical resources through advanced collaboration tools for business.

Where Workplace Collaboration Works

Aided by its proximity to major Asian marketplaces, including mainland China and Japan, Australia has seen burgeoning success at drawing high technology startups and co-working centres to the country's intensely competitive business environment. The amusingly named York Butter Factory in Melbourne, opened in 2011, maintains a supply of high-voltage coffee for the entrepreneurs who are jump-starting their early-stage technology startups within a workplace collaboration environment. There is also  the more succinctly named Spaces, which operates in Sydney and Melbourne, also focuses heavily on human engineering with a working environment tailored to collaboration and intellectual cross-pollination.
Perhaps most symbolic of the focus on optimising human potential is the Hub Sydney co-working space in Darlinghurst, whose founder, Brad Krauskopf, says that collaboration and co-working spaces will strongly contribute to Australia's economic growth in an increasingly data-driven world that emphasises human potential over old-line business processes. As Simon Joslin, co-founder of studio Voxel Agents, said, "We benefit immensely ... everyone is happy to help and to share resources around. It’s also good to have new perspectives from other people ...."

Task Management Saves the Day

Designing your talent management strategies to meet complex organisational goals can be challenging at the best of times. Intelligent task management software holds great promise for amplifying and optimising the return on any organisation's considerable investment in attracting and retaining talented individuals. In a difficult marketplace for businesses and other purpose-driven organisations, managers and other stakeholders likely will continue to vigourously seek out and evaluate industry-leading team collaboration software offerings such as Cornerstone Connect to support their long-term solutions for sustained success.

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