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HR Software for Hospitality Companies in Australia and New Zealand

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HR Software for Hospitality Companies in Australia and New Zealand

July 31, 2016 Mike Erlin

The hospitality industry plays a crucial role in driving tourism and the economy for Australia and New Zealand. Tourism is one of the pillars of the economies, and business sectors supportive of this industry are invested to stay at the top of their game to deliver the goods and services needed to create positive experiences for visitors.

Australia's Tourism Industry and Hospitality Sector

The latest figures from Tourism Australia indicate that tourism is a $107 billion dollar industry that employs about 500,000 Australians in diverse occupations. With these numbers, it is no surprise that tourism tops the list of workforce services required while accounting for 3 percent of the Australian economy.

In 2014, the nation ranked 11th in the world for tourism income, but topped the list when it came to the all-important metric of spending per visitor. This means that visitors to Australia tend to stay longer and spend more. In terms of international visitor arrivals, Australia ranks 42nd in the world.

Unified Talent Management Technology in the Hospitality Sector

Clearly, Australia's hospitality sector needs to keep the system well-oiled and well-managed to continue to deliver exemplary services in the face of anticipated growth. Managing the human resources component of this sector through strategies that include the use of collaborative learning software is one of the keys to ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term business viability.

The hospitality industry faces unique management challenges even under a favorable business environment. This sector is profoundly affected by changing employment trends. Efficient management of human resources, a key component of this industry, is important to sustain operations and support growth goals as tourism in Australia and New Zealand continue to grow.

Unified talent management for the hospitality industry spans all phases of employee performance trakcing and development.

  • Customisable recruiting software improves the odds of finding a good match during the talent acquisition phase.
  • A learning management system is a comprehensive tool for teaching employees new skills.
  • HR Data analytics tracks employee performance, learning and succession information to generate reports that could predict companywide needs.
  • Other collaborative learning and project management tools are also used heavily.
  • Harness the power of team collaboration software, which organises communication between coworkers and coordinates task management

Employee Performance Management as an HR Solution

Human resources are the core of the hospitality sector. Customer engagement depends on the ability of the staff to deliver services that ensure a positive experience at every encounter. Whether job functions are front line duties or behind the scenes support services, employers should have a system of recording employee performance, tracking employee output and updating information regularly. Without these employee performance insights, workforces as a whole will stay stagnant in their development.

A manual system of generating, updating and analysing employee performance reviews is time consuming and error prone. An automated system is easier to work with, ensuring higher compliance and increased participation. Performance reviews are most relevant when the data is fresh and timely. These employee reviews contain crucial information that can be used to plan for talent development through training, retraining or reassignment. More importantly, the performance management system should provide an overview of HR assets in the talent pool.

How Employee Performance Management Helps Companies Succeed

AccorHotels New Zealand is a hotel chain with 29 properties in its portfolio and a staff of 500 or so. In its pre-automated phase, the company's performance management system was mostly manual with paper reports generated by supervisors. Nykkie Gibson, AccorHotels' director of learning and talent development, was looking for an HR solution that was not too complex for the company's needs.

The hotel chain tried Cornerstone Hospitality Solutions, a suite of software and services designed specifically for the hospitality sector. The impact was tremendous with an employee satisfaction rate of 98 percent post automation. Users reported that the Cornerstone system was easy to use, very visual and intuitive. Gibson herself stated that the nine-grid box as used to identify and track employee skill sets provides an amazing overview of the organisation and updated details for each individual employee. This perspective presented the big picture of  organisational composition, making it possible to zero in on potential talent and fill in talent gaps in line with the company's succession plan.

Cornerstone’s Unified Talent Management Solutions

Indeed, Cornerstone's unified talent management technology delivers viable solutions that address HR issues such as turnover rates, brand consistency and enhancing competencies of the talent pool. The single-platform system includes an eLearning component with virtual classrooms designed to deliver training modules at the hotels’ multiple sites, immediately reducing training costs. Recruiting tools for the Hospitality industry uses an applicant management system (ATS) to improve communication between recruiters, which increases hiring efficiencies. This suite of HR tools can help a hotel of any size take their employees and business to the next level.

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