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How Salesforce Training Saves Companies Money


How Salesforce Training Saves Companies Money

June 16, 2016 Olivier Pestel

Hiring new employees is typically a time for celebration, with opportunities for innovation and improved performance from promising talent. Unfortunately, onboarding and training new employees can be a costly process. In today's workforce, traditional HR departments are no longer the only course of action for training workers in a cost-effective manner.

To save valuable time and funds, Australia and New Zealand companies that use Salesforce for their CRM can rely on Cornerstone for Salesforce training. Cornerstone’s Salesforce training software personalises the training and makes it more accessible so even new employees can quickly get the most out of a CRM.

Mobile & Just-in-Time Salesforce Training

Salesforce training tools can be accessed through Cornerstone’s cloud based services. This allows organisations to train employees anywhere in the world. For example, if Company X in Australia needs to train an employee who telecommutes from Berlin, Salesforce LMS can be used to provide the employee with all of the necessary training tools. By providing agile and mobile CRM training through cloud-based infrastructure, Cornerstone helps Australian and New Zealand companies be present around the world and significantly save time and money.

How Does Salesforce Make Organisations More Competitive?

This software will allow companies to compete with some of the largest corporations in their industries. To help companies keep up with dynamic competition, Salesforce can provide personalised just in time training to new employees who are needed to fill urgent tasks. This just in time training appears within Salesforce, and helps individual sales team members with issues that they specifically might be having. Salesforce LMS can also be used to convey important information to every level of an organisation. Regardless of whether a company implements a minor policy change or a complex sales strategy, this software may be used to ensure that all employees receive the same information and training.

Recent information about the CRM industry suggests that cloud-based training systems are becoming as necessary for companies to compete as an email provider. In 2015, the CRM industry grew by 12.3 percent. The only way to differentiate your company from the standard CRM users is by strengthening your team faster and with the right tools. Most HR departments cannot keep up with the data-based decisions and training options involved with CRM software, so companies of all sizes will need an all-encompassing Salesforce LMS. Salesforce currently controls about 20 percent of the CRM industry, and the number of companies that use its software are expected to grow during 2016.

Cornerstone’s Salesforce onboarding software has already provided favorable results to numerous companies. Firms like Riskonnect and STOBER Drives have used Cornerstone's Salesforce learning software to cut training costs while maximising the human capital potential of employees. The global company, Riskonnect was able to reduce Salesforce onboarding by 60%. Riskonnect’s Director of Training was impressed with Cornerstone’s Salesforce training, saying, “It ensures consistency and eliminates gaps in training.”

CRM Training For Excellence

Salesforce LMS can be customised for the specific needs of each company and each employee. Since the software is distributed through the Cloud, employees have the option of training from any device, including cell phones. Courses can be self-paced by trainees, so companies do not need to use resources to organise lessons. Through the Salesforce onboarding tools, firms will also be able to expedite training sessions. This ensures that job vacancies may be filled as soon as possible.

To ensure that company leaders understand how their sales teams are progressing with lessons, firms may use Salesforce performance management to receive regular progress reports. This enables managers to make data-based decisions about promotions and labor needs.

Cornerstone for Salesforce allows companies to reach an optimal level of productivity. In a market where success depends on the ability to reduce costs, this software can help your company become profitable and competitive.

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