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How HR Software Can Keep Your ICT Talent Current (Part 2)

Talent Management

How HR Software Can Keep Your ICT Talent Current (Part 2)

June 09, 2016 Mike Erlin

Companies should be taking what they learn from their performance management tracking software, learning development and succession planning, and appling those insights to the front end recruiting strategy to ensure top talent acquisition.  Today’s top Australian employers leverage social recruiting software to optimise talent acquisition and get the right people on the bus. Using performance management software simplifies the process of hiring new staff and tracking the efficiency of the entire ICT workforce from day to one.

Handling Company-Wide Employee Development

The competencies established for existing employees can be used to qualify candidates during the recruiting process. The recruiting software from Cornerstone gives employers a way to:

  • Analyse the current skills of potential candidates
  • Understand which candidates have the highest chances of exceling within a company
  • Organize applications and provide a hub for entire HR team to collaboratively hire employees
  • Seamlessly integrate with onboarding tools to provide for easy new hire experiences

The unification of the Cornerstone Talent Acquisition and Talent Performance pillars allows companies to hire candidates that have the competencies needed to excel now, instead of hiring an employee that would have exceled in prior years. By combining the reports on employee performance with data relating to business outcomes, Cornerstone’s talent acquisition software provides managers and recruiters with a comprehensive and dynamic window into the needs of the company and how best to address employee performance to maximise productivity. 

As the landscape of the Australian ICT industry continues to shift, the skills need to pivot as well. Competencies and training must be updated for current employees to ensure that both new and established staff members retain a strong grasp of essential competencies. Cornerstone’s LMS uses this continual feedback system that evaluates top performers, establishes what competencies they use to succeed, and assigns learning modals to the rest of the workforce to fill in skill gaps.

Keeping the Competitive Edge

Developing and maintaining a strong, proficient ICT workforce helps companies stay ahead of the competition. Well-rounded ICT professionals who are able to handle both back end and customer-facing aspects of a business lay the groundwork for the type of customer experiences that facilitate long-term relationships.

With more businesses relying on CRM software to handle customer data and connect with target audiences, ICT personnel need to understand how these systems work on all levels and how to troubleshoot any problems that customers may encounter. Strong project management skills are necessary when the time comes to upgrade existing systems, implement new software or create a custom solution to address changing company goals. Strategic planning comes into play when data from software needs to be interpreted and applied to help the business adapt to the current market.

Mike Erlin, managing director of Cornerstone OnDemand, notes that “across the spectrum of talent management, the critical elements are engagement, enabling people, aligning them to the needs of the business, and continually developing and adjusting them to the purpose.”

To do this, managers must use tools like Cornerstone’s software suite to constantly monitor competencies, note changes in company dynamics and enable top performers to shine in the positions that best utilise their skills. Properly tracking, implementing and updating employee development plans requires company managers to stay on top of the changing business requirements and the resulting change in skills from employees.  Talent management software is the bridge between stagnate employee skill sets and a dynamic workforce. If companies use the right talent management software, staying ahead of the competition with an ever evolving talent pool will become business as usual.  

Cornerstone’s suite of human capital management tools gives managers the platform they need to track and manage the entire workforce. Simply implement performance tracking programs coupled with LMS to create an effective ICT staff capable of competing in the dynamic Australian business landscape.

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