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How Extended Enterprise Software Makes Companies Stronger


How Extended Enterprise Software Makes Companies Stronger

October 26, 2016 Mike Erlin

More and more business experts and visionaries are embracing the idea of the extended enterprise tools. In this view of doing business, an enterprise doesn't just comprise paid employees, executives and board members. In addition to these, the modern extended enterprise includes partners, customers, suppliers, distributors and all who contribute to the final product. Naturally, extended enterprise software takes a broader, more expansive view of modern business. Here are three key ways extended enterprise software can make your company stronger:

1. Course Management Software Keeps Employees, Partners and Customers’ Knowledge Aligned

Extended enterprise software can vastly simplify training and support by combining partner training, dealer training, customer training software and many other related functions into a comprehensive whole. Comprehensive software also saves resources, reduces technical headaches and ensures that all stakeholders in any enterprise are on the same page and operating with the same assumptions.

How many times has an online training platform provided one set of instructions to partners, while another neglected platform provides customers with clashing, outdated information? Or perhaps you have excellent downstream partners selling your product but your unwieldy, old-style enterprise software isn't up to the job of managing and educating your partners. As time goes by, more and more customers buy products based on misinformation they receive from your resellers. This leads to complaints, returns and potential damage to your brand. Extended enterprise training software provides dealer training that is truly cutting-edge, empowering your resellers to engage fully in building your brand for the mutual benefit of all. With a comprehensive course management system, it’s easier to ensure that all training course corrections are clearly communicated to everyone that counts. Quality reselling is particularly important for companies that make software, machinery or electronics. Nevertheless, almost any company can benefit greatly from better partner training and more satisfied customers.

2. Extended Enterprise Software Simplifies Customer Training

The best extended enterprise software takes the complexity out of training platforms, which allows companies to focus on customer engagement and other core business-building functions. By providing a space for customers to easily browse a library of training videos, extended enterprise software saves time for you and for your customers. Every business can use less frustrated customers that are receiving the answers they need in a timely fashion.

3. Centralise Branding and Messaging Efforts           

It's a known fact that brand growth is hindered by inconsistent messaging across technological channels and platforms. By ensuring greater consistency, EES helps you fine tune your brand experience so it will reach the right people in the right way. Extended enterprise is certainly becoming a popular business concept, but this doesn’t mean that it is a trendy catchphrase or a fad. On the contrary, the extended enterprise is a fantastic framework for building an intensely focused business. EES is deeply efficient and bears the hallmarks of visionary, disruptive business sense. At its best, extended enterprise software has the potential to help teams of professionals evolve into better versions of themselves. If your company needs to update its learning processes with cutting-edge methods, Cornerstone’s Extended Enterprise software can help.

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