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Employee Collaboration Software: Improve Productivity & Job Satisfaction


Employee Collaboration Software: Improve Productivity & Job Satisfaction

May 11, 2016 Olivier Pestel

In the age of information, it is easy to mistake the profusion of data as an indicator that corporate processes are working at peak capacity and workplace productivity is at optimum levels. However, the reality is that the workplace is awash in all manner of data, procedural guidelines and staff-generated input. Meetings take up the better part of the day while paperwork and digital files add distractions to an already stressful environment. Efficiency experts emphasise that streamlining work processes for enhanced productivity is a collaborative effort. When management provides team collaboration tools that encourage project engagement, goal-directed collaboration follows.

Defining Collaboration Software

Team collaboration software is a tool that allows a group of individuals working on a common goal to coordinate tasks and resource sharing that may include documents, other data files and expertise. Collaborative project management spaces like this are designed to function as an online workspace where employees can communicate, share opinions and learn from each other. The workspace is accessible to members of the team regardless of their physical location and time zone. Updates are automatically synced to ensure that members of the team have access to the same version of the project.

Team Collaboration Tools as Teambuilding Assets                                            

The modern workplace is a fast-paced environment that demands quick action and proactive solutions to remain above the competitive fray. Cornerstone Connect provides a comprehensive set of tools that enable communication, collaboration and shared instruction among team members. Connect is the groupware framework that covers all the bases.

  • Universal Profile
    • Creates a place for employees to manage and share their individual profile along with talent activities and feedback from managers and peers.
  • Task Management
    • A productivity tool that creates task assignments, management of collaborative needs, real-time monitoring of project timelines and output ensure that each team member understands the goals.
  • Activity Streams
    • Display real time updates of content and project goalposts for all members involved.
  • Social Collaboration
    • Allows team members to contact each other to share ideas, provide updates and coordinate tasks on a common platform.
    • Social collaboration powers synergy and innovation.

Accessible Team Management Software

Technology made it possible for anyone with the right tools to generate content and disseminate the same to a non-selective network of recipients. The result is communication chaos that makes it difficult to track worthy ideas in a timely manner. Additionally, the traditional business environment is non-social and non-collaborative by nature. Employees become bogged down in management hierarchies and trickle-down information structures, affecting participation, motivation and workplace productivity.

Cornerstone Connect is the team management software for goal-focused companies. Employees are empowered to participate because everyone is given equal access to the same information, feedback is timely and relevant to project goals and information sharing ensures faster and better results. An environment that promotes a centralised framework for information exchange levels the playing field for the team, minimises micromanagement and ensures corporate agility to manage emerging challenges as they arise.

Collaboration Software as an Anywhere, Anytime Resource

Employee collaboration software is a powerful tool that can bring employees and resources together regardless of location and time differences. Learning programs are part of the content that is accessible to employees for review at their convenience. This set-up replaces on-site training that would otherwise take up time, money and other resources.

Harness the power of social collaboration to improve workplace productivity and employee engagement. Let Cornerstone Connect serve as the backbone of your collaborative efforts.

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