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The Benefits of Personalised LMS for Employee Development


The Benefits of Personalised LMS for Employee Development

June 30, 2016 Olivier Pestel

If there's a universal secret to effective teaching, it's that you must cater to your students' needs. This truth is just as relevant in the field of employee development as it is in general education.

Regardless what lessons you seek to impart, your success depends on how well you can keep learners tuned in and receptive to the message. This is a difficult task for many companies. Could personalised learning software hold the answers?

Defining Personalised Learning

Personalised training systems do more than simply remember the names and test scores of each employee. They also help tailor lessons to the needs of individuals by providing course material that actually relates to their jobs. For instance, effective learning software might supplement a user's custom login page with links to training items they've already completed prerequisites for.

Personalised LMS software varies widely, but any tool you use should help fulfill a few basic goals:

  • Encourage team cooperation,
  • Provide online tools and resources that help people find answers to their questions, and
  • Make training and evaluation content available 24/7 via interfaces like computers and mobile devices.

These techniques have the potential to dramatically increase employee success rates. Can you say the same about your current workforce development practices?

Embedding Productive Learning in Your Corporate Culture

You're running a business, not a university professor's office. You don't have time to guide each employee through training bit by bit. Personalised systems can step in on your behalf and give learners the unique interactive feedback they crave.

The best training software takes the feedback principle further by facilitating healthy peer interaction. Some 87 percent of employees surveyed in a 2013 Bersin questionnaire said that sharing knowledge with team members was essential to workplace learning. Although today's professional learners enjoy their goal-oriented autonomy, they still thrive on engaging and developing ideas together with their workmates.

Cornerstone's collaborative learning tools help enterprises cultivate cultures that actually reward professional betterment. By bringing training that would normally occur off-site back to home turf, they both reduce overhead and make professional improvement feel less formal.

Cornerstone fosters social learning and engenders natural dialogue between employees. In turn, they grow accustomed to hashing out new ideas and making them function in alignment with your organisational goals.

Realising Tangible Performance Upgrades

In early 2016, Bersin predicted that "Engagement, culture and feedback would become CEO-level topics." It's easy to understand how frequently tracking your employees' progress on an individual basis might reveal new insights into training methodologies that impart knowledge, increase compliance and reduce risk. The real question is whether your learning software can provide the data your leaders need to see in real time.

Good learning management systems never build barriers between decision makers and lower-level users. On the contrary, they facilitate stronger connections by granting you access to analytical data so that you can nudge individuals in the right directions. Cornerstone makes the process even easier by letting employees speak to power about what they find helpful and what's giving them trouble. When you understand the impacts your workforce development practices have on real people, it's far easier to accommodate their needs and optimise personalised training.

Unifying Training and Career Advancement

The similarities between your employees' learning curve and your corporate earning curve aren't just superficial. The two are irrevocably married, so you need to make training a regular part of routine operation.

Cornerstone Learning fuels motivation by promoting autonomous development opportunities. It communicates your corporate vision clearly so that your employees gain even more reason to throw their weight behind your leadership. By helping team members master and apply their skills in unison, it inspires seamless performance. To learn how a comprehensive learning management system might improve your corporate outlook, get started with Cornerstone Learning today.

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