Aligning Competencies to Training and Performance
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Aligning Competencies to Training and Performance


Aligning Competencies to Training and Performance

February 07, 2017 Olivier Pestel
The power of competent, well-trained employees who understand your values and strategic goals is undeniable. They have the capacity to drive your business forward, act as leaders to their peers, and be the best representatives for your brand.
Employees without defined job competency frameworks or structured training models, on the other hand, can be a disaster. Think reduced employee performance, inferior decision making, wasted business opportunities, poor cultural fit, dissatisfaction at work and even unsafe practices.
Aligning an employee’s core competencies with their job requirements, training and performance management from the very beginning is essential.
It eliminates ambiguity about job roles, and creates a culture of highly skilled employees who are motivated to work towards strategic outcomes. Here’s how.
The hiring process is the first step
Creating a successful team starts with an effective recruitment process. By aligning the key responsibilities of the role and the preferred performance outcomes with a candidate’s competencies, you have a strong framework to identify candidates who have the skills, abilities and attitude required for peak performance.
This leads to a streamlined recruitment process geared towards likely behaviours and personality fit as pre-determined by the competencies and desired performance – and higher quality employees.
Aligning training with performance goals
Linking training requirements to competencies and performance outcomes identifies any skills gaps, and speeds up an employee’s proficiency in performing their role. Tailored training using interactive training software helps to develop competent and confident employees.
A learning management system can cross-reference evolving competencies with training requirements and completed training for each employee.
Effective performance management
Aligning competencies with training and performance means employees are evaluated on the specific outcomes they were hired to achieve, and have a framework for continued development.
Efficient employee performance management is no longer a once-yearly discussion. It is real time, regular communication aimed at tracking employee progress, highlighting areas of underperformance, and further developing skills through training, ensuring goals and business needs are being met.
Improve business results
Job competency means better trained employees who understand what is required of them. Employee performance management that works within job competency frameworks and towards strategic goals means increased understanding of business requirements, client confidence in the brand and improved business results.
A better cultural fit
Core competencies are inherently linked to cultural fit. A well-trained employee who understands the competencies associated with their role and the intricacies within the company mission is far more likely to be satisfied with their job and fit the culture than an ill-trained employee with no direction.
According to a survey by the Australian Human Resources Institute, the top response as to why employees stay at a workplace was a good relationship with colleagues. Competent employees work autonomously, readily interact with and assist their peers, motivate others and have the potential to become a key part of employee succession planning.
Developing better leaders
A global study by professional networking website LinkedIn revealed 41% of respondents had left a job due to dissatisfaction with senior management leadership. Employees need strong leaders for direction and support, while competent leaders are more likely to be successful at motivating their team if they are seen as a source of knowledge. Aligning competencies with training and performance means better leaders who are more equipped to deal with problems, influence others and drive team performance.
Aligning training and performance with clearly defined competencies can deliver a happier and more productive workforce. Talk to us about how our solutions can help you achieve this alignment in your workplace.

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