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Cornerstone Performance

Inspire employee productivity and reward top talent.

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Performance Management

Utilise powerful performance management software to measure individual employee performance, 360-degree reviews, competencies, and goal completion.

Skills Matrix & Competencies

Maximise the potential of your organisation by providing the talent management software needed to identify and close skill gaps and align employees with your company’s vision.

Observation Checklist

Benchmark competency lessons with learning management software ( LMS ) as they are being accomplished. You’ll be empowered to observe employees from any device as they perform critical job duties with our workfoce management software.

Social Feedback & Goals

Talent management software that offers team recognition and goal achievement with social feedback badges and 1-on-1 encouragement.

  • Performance Management
  • Skills Matrix & Competencies
  • Observation Checklist
  • Social Feedback & Goals
Encourage social goals by allowing feedback with 360 reviews from peers and managers.
Visually identify how employees' skills fit with those required for a specific role.
Develop configurable checklists to systematically assess and monitor skills in real-time and in the field.
Employees collect badges and feedback, which are included in performance reviews.